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Professional Deer Control Services - What You Need To Know

Professional or Commercial Deer control services are gaining in popularity.  If you are already doing services on a property, it may be a great add-on program.

Homeowners have been frustrated by deer since there were plants, deer, and people. For most of us, we want to live in harmony and are willing to do a little bit of give and take.Our goal with professional deer control will be to minimize damage as much as possible without hurting the deer.  Preferably without ruining the looks of the landscape with high fences or other devices that would detract from the looks of the property.

Deer Control Categories and Resources

It is important to remember that no single deer control method is 100% effective and combining multiple methods will be more effective than relying on only one method. If you are doing commercial deer control services, you have additional considerations.  You will have to work around current fencing and plants.  The homeowners will have a vision of their landscape you will need to understand. It's also important to consult local regulations and obtain any necessary permits before attempting any form of control. Additionally, always make sure the method used is humane and do not cause unnecessary harm to the animal.

Deer Resistant Plants

The first place to start with your new deer solution strategy is using deer resistant plants.  Even if you aren't dealing with your own property, you will want to adviste your customers on the best plants to use in their landscape.  It just makes sense and is easier on everyone. Read about having a strategy of including deer resistant and deer repelling plants in your landscape.  Articles include information on deer resistant annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, ferns, and bulbs.

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Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras For Deer Monitoring

Trail cameras have become a popular tool for wildlife enthusists.   These cameras especially work great for monitoring deer.  If a customer is trusting you with their landscape, wouldn't it be great to check on the property on your phone now and then? Maybe the homeowner can watch and report to you if they see any deer so you can retreat or make adjustments. With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best for your needs. We'll explore the top 10 trail cameras and their pros and cons. How and when to use trail cameras for monitoring deer.  Doing commercial deer control you may need to incorporate a trail camera included in your program.  The homeowners may want to purchase it in the program or you can keep ownership and just use it for montitoring and move it to other properties as needed.


Mechanical and Electronic Deer Deterrents 

Mechanical deer control includes noise to scare deer away and water to scare them. Electronic deterrents include electronic and sonic noises that deer can hear but humans can't. Neither of these are as affective as deer resistant plants and deer repellent. The motion activated water spraying deterrents have rave reviews and are very popular.  These can be added to an overall combination professional deer control program. As deer get used to these devices and they stop being as effective, you can cycle them through properties. 

Professional Deer Repellents

Commercial deer repellents are our number one line of defense after deer resistant plants. Deer repellents are based on odor, repelling the deer or taste, which deter the deer after they taste a bad substance. Some products are a combination of both.  Some plants actually repell deer themselves.  These can be sprinkled in areas as permant odor control. There are specific repellents recommended for professional deer control. Repellent products are often changed at different times of the year. Research has shown that some repellents are more effective than others. 

Deer Repellent

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Deer Repellent

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Deer Fencing

There are several types of deer fencing that are commonly used.  Doing professional deer control you probably won't be creating fencing, but you will need to know how to answer questions and make recommendations. You should know at fence company that you can trust to recommend and that you can work with. Temporary fencing that is up a couple of months a year might be a good alternative for landscapes with special edibles that can't be sprayed. Some fencing options are temporary and some are permanent.  With deer able to jump over a high fence, these fences have to be strategically placed.  Doulbe fences are necessary in some locations. Deer fencing is commonly made of metal, mesh, plastic, or wood. Electric fences work well in some locations. Wireless deer fence is a popular product where deer are shocked when they lick on a lure like peanut butter applied to the electric posts. 

March 23, 2023

Deer can cause significant damage to crops, gardens,

March 23, 2023

Deer can cause significant damage to gardens, farms,

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Commercial Deer Control General Articles

Product comparisons, professional deer control, deer diseases, recognzing deer tracks and deer damage. Deer populations per state.  Learn to identify different types of deer.  If you are selling a deer control program, these articles include important information you need to know.  Articles for homeowners looking for the best deer control advise.

There are several types of noise deterrents that can be used for deer control, but effectiveness can vary depending on the specific location and

Deer can be a major nuisance for  homeowners, causing damage to lawns, gardens, and landscaping. While there are many ways to control deer populations,

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