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Just like buying a franchise and getting a roadmap of what to do BUT without paying never ending royalties .

Grow Your Green: 9 Step Roadmap For Setting Up and Managing A Successful Lawn Care Company

Based on the SUSTAIN PROFITS Strategy of 14 Princilpes of Lawn Care Management, this is an online course to walk you through setting up a new lawn care business.  If you have already started your business it will fill in the gaps that can happen when  lawn care business is set up without coaching or a roadmap.

 Creating a business is easy, but creating a highly profitable lawn business that will be sustainable takes a lot of experience and knowledge.  Creating systems so that they business is consisant and runs whether you are there or not.  

Budgeting, scheduling, hiring, training, equipment, products, purchasing, customer and employee retention programs are key and are covered in lessons in this course.

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What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This is an online course with 47 video lessons and tons of helpful downloads. Almost 15 hours of video training. 73 dowloads you can use in your business.  Follows the SUTAIN PROFITS Strategy14 Principals of Lawn Care Business Success.  Cover business setup and management.  Walks you through the thought process of choosing products and equipment.  Prepares you for hiring, training, and keeping employees.  Systems, schedules, software, apps, Sales, Marketing, Customer Retention, ReferralPrograms, Upsells and Cross selling, Budgeting, Business Plans, and more.

Smart Purchasing

Lessons covering products and equipment.  Liquid vs Granular Products, Used or New Equipment, Buying vs Leasoing, Equipment vs Human Labor

Smart Business Setup

Using an accountant, Business Plans, Budgeting, Software, Apps, Essential Accounts, Business Planning

Smart Customer Acquisition

Free Marketing Resources, Increasing Referrals, Increasing Customer Retenion, Keeping Employees, Sales Training, First Contact Sales, Know Your Market

Smart Planning

IMaking Scheules, Training Programs, Acquiring Licenses, Proper Hiring, Sustainabile Multi-Year Plans, Systainable Systems and Income. Growth Planning, Price increases and Strategy

What’s included in the Roadmap

47 Videos and 73 Downloads Over 14 hours of training. to help you build your business. Whether you are just starting your business, expanding your srvices, or have been in business awhile but aren't happy with your profit margins, this course is for you.  This is the course is for the business side of the business.  The thought processes.  The set ups and the planning.  See the other courses for Operations training courses. 


Module 1: Starting the Business Off Right

Introduction, Doing a Business Status Review, Meeting with an Accountant, Essential Accoutns Setup, Establishing an Online Presence with a Website and Social Accounts, How to Pass Your Pesicicide  License Tests.  Checklists and Study Guides


Module 2: Financials

Short and Long Term Budgeting, Business Plans, Creating Systems, Tracking Costs, Reducing Waste and Saving Money.  Cost Tracking Spreadsheet, Business Plan examples, Budget spread sheets


Module 3: Market Analysis and Pricing

Know Your Market, Raise Prices Like A Professional, Pricing Setup Guidelines, Who, What When, Where, and Why of Price increases.  


Module 4: Purchasing, Products, and Schedules

Smart Buying, Service Schedules, Choosing Liquid vs Granular Products, Evaluating combination products, Warehouse Storage , Inventory, Product Disposal, and Requirments.


Module 5: Smart Equipment Decisions

Evaluating Equipment vs Human Labor, Buying New vs Used Equipment, Leasing or Buying Equipment, Performing Equipment Assessments, Equipment Maintenance, Calibration.  Equipment Assesment Guide,


Module 6: Employees -Hiring, Training, and Retaining

Hiring Lawn Care Employees, Hiring Millenials, Hiring Your Own Children, Training Employees, Making Employees Accountable, Keeping Employees, Hiring and Using an Answering Service


Module 7: Customer Retention and Referrals

Setting Up a Retention Program, Setting Up A First Year Customer Love Program, Establishing a Referral Program, Upsells and Cross Selling, Learn to set up programs to keep your current customers. Encouraging referrals is crucial to saving marketing money. Excellent customer service, offering a variety of services, trained employees that keep their lawn weed free and healthy and establishing relationships with customers is the backbone of retention and referrals.


Module 8: Sales

Sales Training Psychology, First Impression, First Contact Sales, Sales Scripts., Learning to improve your sales percentages is a huge money saver.  You have spend the money on aquring the lead, now make the most of it.  Using Sales Scripts you can make sure everyone is on the same page and sell through can be consistent. 


Module 9: Smart Marketing

Understanding Marketing Costs, CPL, CPS, Free Marketing Resources, Webiste Optimization and SEO. Free Marketing Resources ebook,  Using AI, Keyword Guide


Five additional training lessons and 5 additional ebooks.  You will need the right mindset to make a successful sustainable buisness with predictable profits.  These books will help with your mindset.  Additional marketing ebooks will cover lesser used social media. The course covers the business side and I have included some bonuses to get your started on the Operatons side. The Turfgrass Identification Shortcouse will get you started on the right track with Operations. 

Bonus 1
Tuftgrass Identification 3 Lesson Shortcourse

Lessons to teach you to identify Northern Turfgrass, Southern Turfgrass, and a video Review lesson. 

Bonus 4
Bulletproof  Motivation and 1% Better Ebooks

Lessons to teach you to identify Northern Turfgrass, Southern Turfgrass, and a video Review lesson.  Everything starts with knowing what type of turf you are working with. 

Bonus 2
Mower Safety Lesson

If you offer mowing services, you can use this lesson as a satety training for new employees or a review for current employees. 

Bonus 5
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Ebook

We all feel imposter syndrome at some time in our lives.  No one knows all the ansers.  After going through the training courses, you will know more than 90% of the people you will encounter.  You will be seen as the professional, the expert, so you need to prepare your mindset. 

Bonus 3
Measuring Properties with Free Resources Lesson

Use Google Earth or other free online resrouces to measure all parts of each property you visit. 

Bonus 6
TikTok 101 and Social Media Marketing Revealed Ebook

These social media books will help you understand how you can use TikTok to get more leads.  Also you will gain insight into other social media resources for your marketing. 

About The Course Teacher
Diane Dunn

Diane Dunn is a lawn care business coach and training creator. She produces books and programs to help green industry professionals start, manage, and scale their business. Diane loves connecting with lawn care business owners wanting to create higher profits and scale their businesses for long term success. She earned 3 degrees in Horticulture and worked in the green industry for over 25 years.  Ten years were spent traveling for a national lawn care franchise. 

This Course Can Be The Difference Between You Managing A Successful Business That You Enjoy or A Stressful Business Always On The Edge

Research shows that a high percentange of businesses shut down within 5 years.  This is also true for lawn care businesses.  But it doesn't need to happen.  If these businesses had started with a roadmap and a person to answer questions and make sure they made good decisions, it probably wouldn't have happened.  

Do franchise businesses go out of business at the same rate?  Yep.  In fact, depending on the lawn care franchise, it could even be a high fail rate due to the high price of start-up.  They start with such a high rate of debt it is hard to ever dig out of the hole. 

In this course, you are getting the training and support of a franchise without the $100K initial expense and the perpetual royalties. Without all the monthly payments for a shiny new vehicle, shiny new equipment, software, and a bunch of other things you don't need yet.  

I have help start many lawn care businesses from day one.  I have worked with people that bought a business from someone and stepped into an existing business and inherited a mess.  I have also worked with multi-million dollor businesses putting 50% profit in their pockets.  

This course is from the questions I used to answer all the time.  It is from watching people fail when they aren't prepared and watching what the successful business were doing to make it work.  The successful businesses knew what was important and I have included those systems to success.

This introductory price is a steal.  It is temporarily low while I build referrals and testimonials and set up a support group for you.  I want feedback so that I can make it go from great to excellent.  I beleive it will change your business.  If you follow what I have outlined, you will be successful. This course is worth thousands of dollars because it will save you thousands of dollars in the first year. When you add the upsells and cross sells, get the referals and keep the customers, your profits will skyrocket.  


47 Online Video Lessons, 73 Downloads, Plus Bonuses



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