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Welcome to Lawn Care Campus.  Your source of lawn care courses, books, tutorials, and articles to help you start and manage a professional high profit lawn care and green industry business. 

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Training for owners, managers, and employees. Business development, lawn care, ornamental care, safety, and more. 


If you need help implementing the information in the courses and books, we can help you.  We would start with a business review then make a plan to meet your goals.


Social media resources as free eBooks, done-for-you social media posts and images specifically for green industry businesses. Social media calendar with 365 prompts. 


Lawn and ornamental sales and service. Retention and referrals. Upsell services. Sales Psychology.

Informative articles

Check out the many categories ranging from lawn care business management to lawn and landscape services, plant ID, sales and marketing, industry news.


Checklists and guides to help you through aspects of the business. Lists and links to great free or affordable resources you will want to check out.

About  Diane Dunn

I am a lawn care business coach and training creator. I produce books and programs to help green industry professionals start, manage, and scale their business. I loves connecting with motivated people wanting to create higher profits and scale for long term success. I earned 3 degrees in Horticulture and worked in the green industry for over 25 years.  Ten years were spent coaching and consulting franchisees for a national lawn care franchise. 

Diane Dunn

We Offer Something For Every Green Business. How Can We Help Yours?

I know what you need.  I have worked with people like you for many years.  I was professionally trained to start and grow lawn and landscape companies.  We know you are busy running your business.  You need training for your employees but can't create it yourself. You may not feel like you can take vacation and know that everything will be able to run the same. We provide training, books, done-for-you resources, and great advise from an experienced lawn care business coach. 


As a consultant and as an operations manager of a lawn and landscape business, I realized there are very few training courses that were available for owners, managers, and technicians. The Growing Profits training courses were created with the busy end-user in mind. Easy to understand concepts with real world advise and practical information you can understand and use immediately.  

Check out courses covering business management and systems, safety, fertilization and weed control, insect and disease control, ornamental care, and more.


 With over 25 years of industry experience and a decade as a professionally trained consultant for a national lawn care franchise, I'm here to elevate your business. I will assess your current skills and evaluate your business.

We will establish goals and craft a strategic roadmap for success. Let's transform your passion for lawn and landscape care into a thriving and sustainable business. Partner with me, and let's cultivate your business growth together.


This book series is for business owners who want to create and manage a high profit green industry businesses. “A 9 Step Roadmap To Setting Up and Managing a High Profit Lawn Care Business” takes your seed idea down the path to a structured profitable business (Available Fall 2024).

 “Attention to Retention and Referrals” will outline ready-to-implement programs such as First Year Customer Love, Raving Referrals, and Radical Retention (Available Fall 2024).  “Maximize Profits: Ten Upsells You Can Add Tomorrow” will increase your profits at least 10% in 60 days (Available Summer 2024).

 Additional books on Fertilization and Weed Control Servicing, Lawn Care Sales Psychology, Ornamental Plant Services are scheduled for early 2025 release.

Social Media Tools

Lawn Care Social Media packages are tailored for green industry business. Say goodbye to the hassle of social media management with our comprehensive solution.

 Pre-written articles paired with images, a 365-day calendar with daily post suggestions to increase engagement and sharing, image packages featuring visuals for holidays, special events, and horticultural topics like plant identification, insects, and lawn diseases. Streamline your social media process, save time, and effortlessly establish your expertise in the green industry with our turnkey social media solution.

Watch the first lesson from some of the courses below. 

Use the carrousel below to pick out a course to try for free.  Full courses range from 8 lessons to 30 lessons depending on topic. These are straight to the point courses covering each topic specifically designed to be used by managers and technicians in the field. Short courses are the perfect solution for training your employees quickly and on-the-go if needed.  Large comprehensive programs cover everything from setting up your business to selling and performing advanced services.

1 lessons - Easy

Lawn mower safety video course. Great for training employees and safety review meetings. Watch online free.

1 lessons - None

This course contains 20 short videos taking you through free Google application tools you can use to grow your business.

1 lessons - Easy

This short course will cover the 3 main situations you encounter with non-turf weed control. Flower and tree beds, hard surface areas, and hard surface areas needing permant control.

1 lessons - None

Fertilization and Weed Control services course. Basics of soil nutrients and pH. Fertilizer lesson, Weed Basics, Broadleaf, Grassy, and Sedge Weed Identification. Weed control products and scheduling. Product purchasing lessons and equipment calibration.

1 lessons - None

Turfgrass identification short course. Learn how to to identify cool season and warm season grasses. The review lesson will go back through the main points and let you test yourself.

1 lessons - Easy

This course will cover why it is important to offer disease control in your business. It covers the main diseases that affect cool and warm season grasses. Emphasizes environmental issues and prevention along with treatment.

1 lessons - Easy

Why sell insect control services, lawn insect identification and damage. Insecticide products, single and combined. Basic equipment and schedules. Marketing and sales. Environment affects on lawn insects.

1 lessons - Easy

Learn why you should sell and perform these services. High profit aeration, dethatching, power raking,and verticutting services. Liquid dethatching and aeration. Includes sales and marketing.

1 lessons - Easy

Introduction to Soil Services Mastery. Lessons include taking soil samples, soil testing with probes and professional labs. How to understand soil test results and adjust soils. How to upsell additional soil services including soil conditioning and water holding services.Soil testing shows you are a professional and sells pH balancing for you.

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What we do...

lawn care business mindset

My mission is to provide you tools that can help you create a well-run profitable business.  My goal is to take as much stress off of you as possible.  I do this through courses, books, articles, DFY Social Media products, and coaching. 

Training Courses

There are several courses that are ready for you and several more courses that will be ready in 2024. Click here to go to   Campus Courses 

Training Books

The Growing Profits series of books will begin to be posted in Summer 2024.  Click here to see our list of books and release dates.  Lawn Care Books

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Lawn Care Social Media Calendar.  Done for you images and articles.  Ready-to-post quotes on images for more than a year of posts.