Soil Testing and Amending Are The Backbone of Lawn Care Services And May Be The Most Important Services You Ever Sell Your Customers

I believe every new customer lawn should start with a soil test.  At least a pH test with a probe at minimum. Soil testing is equal to a doctor ordering blood tests.  Soil tests give you a report of the current status of the soil.  It will be your baseline.  You will need that baseline to apply the proper amount of fertilizer.  The pH will determine how much of those nutrients are available for use.   

Once you have the pH of the soil, you are ready to sell pH adjustment services.  The sell through percentage rate for pH services is 75-85%.  Just do the testing, and the rest sells itselft.  I will show you how. 

Want To Add More Services But Haven't Gotten Your Applicators License?

You understand that doing multiple services is key to Maximum Profits, but just haven't gotten your license yet?  Soil testing, pH adjustment, soil conditioning, and water holding are soil services you will  learn to perform and sell. Soil testing also naturally leads to selling aeration and dethatching.

Customers are so impressed with professionalism that it stays with them.  They become loyal faster and buy more services quicker.  Doing soil testing and presenting the results to your customer sets up the future relationship. 

Can you image going to a doctor and having them say that blood tests aren't necessary even though you don't look and feel well.  They just give you several pills to take on a regular basis and send you home. Would you be OK with that? 

Most lawn companies do not do soil testing unless it is requested.  This leaves the door open for you to stand out as the professional and the expert.  The one that really cares. 

In this course you will realize that if the pH isn't optimum, you will have a hard time making the lawn healthy regardless of what you do. 

After you do a soil test, selling several more services that don't require a license is a natural outcome.  Customers either need pH maintaining or pH adjusting. Most will also need aeration, dethatching, or soil condition.  You will note that when you do the soil test. 

You will learn everything you need to know from test through service sales.  This comprehensive course also includes the Turfgrass Identification lessons so you will be confident that you are supplying the right nutrients for the grass you are working with.

Soil Services Mastery

If you aren't offering soil testing and soil services like pH maintaining, pH adjustment, moisture holding wetting agents, soil conditioning, liquid aeration and dethatching, you are leaving money on the table. No Commercial License is needed for the these service.  You can offer these services regardless of what other services you offer.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This is a 16 video all-inclusive soil services course including the Turf Identification Short course. This course is over 4 hours of step-by-step training. We start with why you should offer soil testing, move on to all the "how-to" and end with sales and marketing. All lessons are available immediately and you can skip around as needed.

Learn Soil Testing

You can use a soil probe for pH testing or send off full soil samples to a lab.  In some states and some counties, soil testing is free. You will learn to take soil samples and read results, Use probes and send samples to a professional lab. These lessons will cover different ways to test and different tests to order. 

Turfgrass Identification

When you fill out a soil test form, you will need to include the type of turfgrass. The nutrient recommendations will be based on grass type. To put a lawn on the right fertilization and weed program you will need to know the correct grass type, At the end of these 3 lessons you should be able to correctly identify the general type of grass you are dealing with. 

Soil Basics

After these 3 lessons you will be able to read a professional soil test and understand the importance of the major and minor nutrients. You will understand basic soil types and the importance of pH being in the correct range.

Additional Services

After these lessons you should be excited about adding additional services like soil conditioning, dethatching, and water holding.  Professional soil testing usually gives a report on organic matter leading to topsoil and other soil amendment services.  They also lead to aeration and dethatching services. 

product and equipment purchasing 

A key principle in the Minimize Expenses Maximize Profits philosophy is making smart purchasing decisions. There are several variables to consider when buying products or equipment. You will have facts you need to consider the most effective products at the least price. Starting with minimum equipment saves you have having paralyzing monthly payments. 

Sales and Marketing

Once you start doing soil testing for all of your customers, soil adjustments and amendments will sell themselves. You will just need to let your customers know what you are offering and how it will improve their lawn.  You will have resources for marketing and proven sales strategies from successful businesses 

Course Modules

Included in the Course


Module 1: Introduction and Why Sell Soil Services

In these lessons we will go through an overview of the key points we will be covering. After we go through the "whys" of soil services, you will be adding services immediately.  Customers want the services, it shows you are professional, it automatically sells several other services to fix issues.  Even if nutrients are adequate and the pH is in range, customers will need a service to maintain the most advantageous pH.  Selling services is a no-brainer.


Module 2: Turf Identification and Review

Northern grasses, Southern grasses, and a review of turf basics. These lessons can be used to train employees on turf identification. These lessons are broken down to help you easily think though identification.


Module 3: How to Do Soil Testing

These lessons will take you through the process of gathering samples, drying, and packaging. Number of samples, where to avoid taking samples. Using a soil probe and DIY soil tests for preliminary testing. 


Module 4: Soil Basics 101

This lesson will take you through the major and minor nutrients and how they affect the turf.  We will cover the importance of proper pH and how to balance it. To keep a lawn healthy you will need to understand soil make up and nutrient basics. 


Module 5: Products, Servicing and Equipment

What to consider when choosing the right products for soil services.  These services don't require many products but saving money on products is always an important consideration. This lesson will help you through the thought process.  Equipment is minimal but important. If you choose the correct soil probe, it will last you for many years. You will be trained on suggested servicing tips.


Module 6: Marketing and Sales

Lessons cover ways to sell your customers on the services and how to market to non-customers.  Scripts for talking to customers and available marketing pieces. Bundling services is common with soil services. 


Module 7: Wrap Up Putting Things Together

A summary of the key points outlined in the previous 15 videos. This puts the main points together in order to help you think though the services and how you can apply these lessons to your business.

Three Bonus Lessons!

This Soil Services Mastery Course already includes the Turfgrass Identification Short course so you will be able to accurately identify and fill out the soil test forms. 

In addition, there are 3 bonus video lessons.  They include Equipment Calibration, Equipment Assessment  lesson and Guide, and Smart Purchasing. These 3 lessons will deepen your thought processes and round out some of your decision-making regarding products and equipment.

These are part of the Minimize Expenses, Maximize Profits Sustain Profits Strategy.

Course Bonuses

Calibration Lesson

This 22-minute video will take you through calibration of sprayers and spreaders. pH adjustments can call for large amount of product to be applied.  You can waste a lot of money fast if calibration is not correct.

Equipment Assessment Video Lesson and Guide

 It is important to do an equipment assessment once or twice a year. This 14 min video lesson will guide you through equipment assessment and includes a pdf guide for you to use in your business.

Smart Buying Video Lesson

 This 13 min video lesson covers smart buying.  Taking advantages of discounts and generic products, granular or liquid products, even buy group even if you are a small  entrepreneur.

This Course Can Add Thousands of Dollars to Your Bottom Line The First Year

Soil services are so profitable, it is amazing that so many companies leave this money  the table.  Learn all about these "no license needed" services you can start selling immediately.  This course will be paid for in the first day of servicing. Once you understand why these services are so important, you can explain them to customers and they sell themselves.  Get started today !

Soil Services Mastery

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What makes us different

I have worked with businesses of all sizes. I have seen fear hold owners back from doing easy profitable services. I have seen over-spending put businesses with great potential out of business. Businesses having less than 90% customer retention and high employee turnover struggle needlessly. I know what works and doesn't work.

 I have seen the patterns and watched results for years. Successful businesses all have the same basic strategies and structures.

I want you to succeed in your business. The key to a sustainable business is making a profit that will allow you to invest back in to the business. Enough profit to make your family comfortable. Enough to pay your employees well so they will stay with your long term. Enough that you can buy the best equipment and market for the future.

 Predictable income that allows your business sustainable growth each year. That's our goal.

I have seen what works and doesn't work all over the US. Using the 14 principles in the SUSTAIN PROFITS Strategy, you will succeed. Let me help you be successful. Let me show you what the highly successful businesses are doing.

Let me help you Minimize Your Expenses and Maximize Your Profits with smart business management. Our courses will get your started.


Doesn't it take a lot of time to do soil testing?

No, you can do testing when you are already there.  Services like pH adments and soil conditioning can be done with fertilization and weed control services, aeration, or better yet, done in the fall when things are slow. 

Do I need a lot of equipment?

Except for a soil probe for pH testing ($100) you probably already have all the equipment you need.  Depending on your customer size and average lawn size you will just need a sprayer and/or commercial spreader. 

Will customers buy these services?

Soil testing and pH adjustment or maintenance are easy to sell when you explain the benefits to a customer.  After you get the results, other services will make sense for them to buy and sell themselves.  You will see that when you take the course.  

Your Personal Note

I want to enourage you to take this course and start selling these services.  I have seen the profit from selling these services turn businesses around.  Lawns around.  Customer satisfaction around.  If I was doing any services on a customers lawn, these would be the first ones I would do.  This course follows the Minimize Expenses Maximum Profits SUSTAIN PROFITS Strategy for success. 

It All Starts With Soil.

Learn about soil testing and services today!