Aeration and Related Services Are A Win-Win-Win.  The Lawn Is Healthier-The Customer Is Happier-And Your Profits Soar

If you are a mowing and maintenance company, adding Fertilization and Weed control services will change your life.  These services are easier to do, with less employees, and higher profits.  If you haven't started your business yet, this course will get you started on the right track. 

Already doing Fertilzation and Weed control services but really don't know how to set up your services and equipment and products?  If you have been just "winging it" this course is for you. 

No more struggling to get your employees to sell and perform aeration and dethatching services

Regardless of your terrain, selling these services that customers love to buy can be key to the profits you need  for long term sustainability.

I have never met a lawn care business owner that didn't want to sell aeration services.  Unfortunately, not all of them offer the service for sale.  Employees not wanting to sell the services because they don't want to have to do the services.  They don't want to do the services because with the wrong equipment it can be very hard on their bodies.  

Working around sprinkler heads and lines, steep slopes, rocky tertain, and drought can be reasons or excuses for not offering these services.  

We all agree that lawns need these services on a regular bases to be as healthy as possible.  Customers also know they need to buy these services.  They know the lawn needs it and they don't want to do it themselves.

 Research has shown that customers stay longer and refer more friends if they are buying more services. So why wouldn't we be booking these services everyday?

IIn this course we will talk about overcoming these issues.  I have worked with businesses in mountain areas with steep slopes and only a couple of inches of topsoil that had stopped selling aeration services "because they are just too big of a hassle and the guys hate doing them". 

This business now pitches liquid aeration services that they do at the same times as weed control.  Techs are happy, customers are happy, lawns are healthier and looking better, and profits are up.  

A Texas business I used to work with went from 68 aerations a year to over 300 in a year by changing equipment that the techs enjoyed using. 

This course will guide you through whatever is holding you back.  Stop leaving money on the table! 

Aeration, Dethatching, Power Raking, and Verticutting Services

There are 13 video lessons online covering why you should seel these services, equipment, operations, how to bundle with other services and more.  Learn the difference betweeen aeration, dethatching, and power raking.   Using liquid aeration and liquid soil conditioning products as a substitute for mechanical services.

What You’ll Get In The Course

This course includes 13 video lessons with several downloads. Main course videos total 3.2 hours of training. After completely this course you will know why you should sell these services and how to overcome any terrain issues.  You will understand the different types of equipment available and the difference between aeration, dethatching, power raking, and verticutting. You will see how easy it is to combine these services with other popular services in bundles. You will understand how to buy, use, and sell liquid services as a substitute to mechanical services.

Make Smart Equipment choices

Lessons include types of aerators, dethatchers, and verticutters. What to take in to consideration when deciding on brand, size, and type. Buying vs renting. 

Liquid Products 

Using liquid products can allow you to offer services in situations where machines just are practical.  Liquid products can be mixed with most weed control or fertilizer sprays eliminating extra labor costs.  University studies have shown the right products can legitimately improve lawns like mechanical services. 

bundling Services

Amplify your profits and customer satisfaction by bundling these services with soil testing, soil pH adjustment, seeding, and adding sand or soil.

We had stopped selling aeration because of our rocky soils and shallow irrigation lines. Trying to get flags out to customers was a big hassle. We even strated mailing the flags to customers.  We were down to 200 mechanical aerations with 1400 customers. After doing trials with soil conditioner as a substitute we called all our mechanical aeration customers and offered them 2 liquid services as a substitute for the same price. All but 7 said yes. Now we just add the product to their blanket lawn spray twice a year.  I feel guilty we are making so much money on this and it is so easy. Now we are recommending it to everyone and selling it like crazy.

mike r

Lawn Care Business Owner

Aeration and Dethatching Course Modules


Module 1: Introduction and Motivation

Overview of what is covered in the course and reasons why you should offer these services to your customers.  It is important for you and your employees to know how pivotal offering these services can be to your business.  Higher profits, higher customer satisfaction, more referrals, and healthier lawns are all reasons to offer these services. 


Module 2: Aeration Equipment Choices

Three video lessons covering aeration equipment.  Walk behind, stand-on, and pull behind aerators.  Pros anc Cons of each type, brands and sizes. 


Module 3: Dethatching, Power Raking, and Verticutting

Learn the differencebetween these different services.  Which grass needs which services and when they should be done. Advantages to verticutting anda guide to servicing. 


Module 4: Liquid Aeration, Dethatching, and pH Adjustment

Liquid aeration, liquid dethatching, and pH adjustment products.  Soil conditioning products that act in some of the same ways as mechanical services. 


Module 5: Servicing, Sales, and Marketing

Scheduling services, use of equipment.  Selling your customers on the value of these services on the phone, in person, and with marketing pieces. Bundling services.


Module 6: Wrap Up and Review

Explain exactly what thisWrap up and using the information in your business. 


Three Bonus Lessons!

To be able to keep a lawn healthly, you have to start with knowing what type of grass you are working with and what the soil pH and nutrients you are starting with. Use the Turf ID Review video as a review guide. Bundling soil testing with aeration is a natural combination.  Study the Soil testing video lesson to be ready to do it the right way. Lack or regualr calibration is a huge waste of product and time.  This guide can be use to train employees on proper calibration techniques. 

Course Bonuses

Aeration and Dethatching services open the door to several other services. These bonuses are video lessons that will take your through other important information you need to know.  

How To Take Soil Samples

Tell them why this bonus feature of your course is going to help them achieve even more than what you’ve already outlined in the modules above.

Equipment Calibration

 Calibration of equipment is important to saving time and money.  This video lesson will guide you through calibration of sprayers and spreaders. 

Turfgrass ID Quick Review

 Video Lesson. Review to help you be able to ID turgrass quickly.  Review of grass types and details of common types of turf.

You Can Add These High Profit Services Immediately 

You will pay for this course from the sale of an average aeration service. These several hours of training with real case studies explaing how the successful companies capitalize on these popular services.


Course and Bonuses



/one time payment

  • 13 videos - over 3 hours of training
  • Lifetime Access
  • Acces to All Modules
  • Immediate Start
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't learn anything new, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you get the course working for you or give you a swift refund.

What makes us different

I want you to succeed in your business.  The key to a sustainable business is making a profit that will allow you to invest back in to the business. Enough profit to make your family comfortable.  Enought to pay your employees well so they will stay with your long term.  Enough that you can buy the best equipment and market for the future.  Predictible income that allows your business sustainable growth each year.  That's our goal.

I have worked with businesses of all size. I have seen fear hold owners back from doing easy profitable services.  I have seen over-spending put businesses with great potential out of business.  Businesses having less than 90% customer retention and high employee turnover struggle needlessly. 

I have seen what works and doesn't work all over the US.  Having training, a budget, and a plan for the future is key.  Let me help you be successful.  Let me show you what the highly successful businesses are doing. 

Let me help you Minimize Your Expenses and Maximize Your Profits With Smart Business Management


Do I Need An Applicators License To Do These Services?

No, you do not need a Commercial Applicators License to do aeration, dethatching, power raking or verticutting services.

How Much Profit Can I Make?

These are very high profit services.  If you own your equipment your cost will only be labor.  If you rent equipment and a trailer, your profit is reduced. At $150 for an average lawn 4K sq ft that takes about 45 maximum from pull up to pull out your profit would be about $130 if you own your equipment, $115 if you rent a machine and trailer. Figure $100 an hour ( not including overhead). 

Do Liquid Products Really Work?

Yes, if you use the products I suggest in the course.  These products have been proven with university studies.  Use the product materials to show the clients with questions the proven outcomes.  Do a trial on half of your lawn and see for yourself and take before and after pictures to show others.

Boost Your Profits. Add Upsells That Will Skyrocket Your Profits!

Download our free guide to learn about 5 upsells you can add to your business tomorrow. 

Personal Note

You can do this!   You owe it to yourself and your customers to overcome any reasons you have had not to do these services.  Besides the high profits, customer satisfaction, and the lawns looking better, you are setting up additional upsells.  Aeration goes hand in hand with seeding, and soil pH adjustments.  It just makes sense to your customers to have products or seed put into holes for better results. You will love seeing the lawns improve as your cash and customer satisfaction goes up.  Use the right equipment and reward sales and your employees will love these services too.  I have seen it happen again and again. 

Your Profit From One Service Will Pay For This Course

Even if you are currently offering these services, you will learn how to offer liquid services in the place of mechanical services.  Learn how to bundle services and which services make natural pairs.  Learn about walk behind, riding, and pull behind equpment and how to decided which is best for you.  Do you know the difference betwen aeration, dethatching, power raking, and verticutting and when to sell which?