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Discover the 14 Principle Strategy That Will Skyrocket Your Business

Everything you need to build your lawn care business and create Maximum Profits. 

Read part of the introduction and Chapter 1 below.

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"Using her knowledge and advise I was able to add several new services to my business and increase profit percentages. Customer retention and referrals are way up. She knows what she is talking about. You can't go wrong following her advise."

Texas Business owner

Point #1: To succeed the business must be set-up with the end goal in mind of maximizing profits while keeping down costs. Buy and build with a plan.

Point #2:  Developing strong business and management skills and applying them with systemized processes and procedures is key to long term success and scalability.

Point #3: Customer service that promotes loyalty and trust and brings retention and referrals will grow your business without spending a lot of money. This exponentially makes and saves you money.

Point #4: You must make enough profit to keep yourself and your employees trained and happy. You need to clear enough to keep your equipment and materials maintained and up to date while investing in growth to be sustainable.

A look inside S.U.S.T.A.I.N.  P.R.O.F.I.T.S.

A 14 Principle Strategy for MAXIMUM Lawn Care Profitability

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  • If you are collecting information to start a lawn care business, you have found this book at the perfect time.  If you already have a business but the customers and profits aren’t what you want them to be and you have just been “winging it”, this book will be the beginning of the end of your struggles.
  •  If you have a growing business but profits are disappointing, this book will help. Considering becoming a “one-man show?  That just isn’t scalable and doesn’t offer the stress-free possibilities with the 14 Princiiple system so please read on. I hope to change your mind.
  • As a franchise consultant, I had to look at the businesses I worked with neutral eyes. I often had to be brutally honest and tell owners truths they didn’t want to hear.  I had to make them uncomfortable at times. We got through it because they knew I was there to help and everything I was saying was meant to help them succeed.I want to help you.  I worked with many successful businesses and noticed that the highest profit businesses all had things in common.
  •  I have put these 14 key principles together for you. They were doing things right and putting big money in their pockets.  I want to help you do the same.I want you to be able to take a vacation, pass the business down to your children, or sell your business and retire in style when you are ready.To do that, I’ve structured this book as follows:

Hi, I'm Diane Dunn. I want to help you!

As a lawn care business coach and consultant for many years, I have helped many people start their business from scratch. I have seen the added benefits from offering more services to your customers.  These high profit sales can make the difference in whether or not you have sustainable business growth.  I want to help you be as successful and profitable as possible. To learn more about me, you can check out my About Me page.  

Chapter 01

Sneak - Peek

Scroll through this sneak peek preview to see S.U.S.T.A.I.N. P.R.O.F.I.T.S.: A 14 POINT STRATEGY FOR MAXIMUM LAWN CARE BUSINESS PROFITABILITY.  These 14 points are the key to sustainability and  MAXIMUM Profitability.


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Chapter 01

Want to grow more green? Do you own a fertilization-weed control business? A mowing, landscaping, maintenance, or other green business? Starting a green industry business? This is a perfect time to plan to sell these services.

Let me tell you about some of the businesses I have worked with that use the principles of the 14 Point Strategy for Maximize Profits System:

I worked with a fertilzation and weed control business in the Midwest that was owned and managed by a couple in their upper 50’s.  He had retired from Kmart after being a manager for several years.  They had processes and procedures for everything that went on in their business.  They had a few thousand customers and less than 20 employees.  They ran it more like it had 200 employees. They could tell you the gas milage that each of their technicians averaged per day. Figured daily was which tech was upselling the most extra services. They could tell you off the top of their heads ages of the vehicles and equipment, and probably anything else you could ask them that was important to know for high profits. Employees were well rewarded and stayed long term and got better and better at their jobs. The were voted “The Best”, “Favorite Lawn Care Business” and other local awards.  They were the “Go to” business.  Not the big national companies in the area.

Working with a business that had 2,000 fertilization and weed control customers in a combination of towns with a total of 50,000 people was amazing.  There were probably 22,000 homes plus businesses in their area.  One out of every eleven properties were using them.  If you assume at least 30% of property owners were doing their own lawn care, the numbers were unbelievable.  The couple that owned this business bought it with 150 existing customers ten years earlier. They knew that customer service and being professional was the key to growth and success.  Their area had a high concentration of senior citizens who were challenging at times, but this couple knew their audience and played to their needs. The business spent about 1-2% on advertising each year and that was more in the form of donations. With a retention rate of around 97% and continuous referral advertising isn’t necessary. They can pay cash for everything and put about one million dollars in their pocket every year.

I started working with a business owner in the South when he bought an existing business.  The original owner had a family tragedy and decided he had to sell the business. The new owner had been a regional sales manager for a pest control company specializing in commercial sales. He thought in terms of large sales and outstanding customer service.  He knew equipment assessment, maintenance, and calibration was going to reduce waste and increase efficiency.  He set out to design a truck that would be able to handle the sprayers and ride-on spreaders so that his techs would have the ideal equipment to choose from on each lawn. He believed that everyone could sell services, it was just a matter of customer communication.  His equipment, tools, and products were organized so that you could find anything instantly.  No wasted time, no missing tools. Because of his Friday afternoon sales trainings with techs, his sales soared. He set up sales competitions to go with the sales trainings and the business exploded.  We added several high profit services like Ornamental Care, Deep Root Tree Injections, and Liquid Soil Conditioning and his profits soared.  After a couple of years and Standard Operating Procedures were established, he was able to spend more time with his family and take several vacations each year with the business continuing to run perfectly with well trained and experienced technicians.

This 14 point system can be a “set-it-and-forget-it” way of running your business. If you hire the right employees, (we will cover that), then keep them happy and growing in their training, they can take a lot of the stress off you. Creating an environment where employees feel like family and success is shared will win half of the battle with sales, customer service, and following best practices when servicing.

Adding additional services to my business made all the difference to my profits.  I had never even thought about lawn or mulch painting.  It was so easy to add soil testing that bought in so much additional revenue from soil pH adjustments.

Jeff L

Texas Business Owner

What makes us different

I want you to succeed in your business.  The key to a sustainable business is making a profit that will allow you to invest back in to the business. Enough profit to make your family comfortable.  Enought to pay your employees well so they will stay with your long term.  Enough that you can buy the best equipment and market for the future.  Predictible income that allows your business sustainable growth each year.  That's our goal.

I have worked with businesses of all size. I have seen fear hold owners back from doing easy profitable services.  I have seen over-spending put businesses with great potential out of business.  Businesses having less than 90% customer retention and high employee turnover struggle needlessly. 

I have seen what works and doesn't work all over the US.  Having training, a budget, and a plan for the future is key.  Let me help you be successful.  Let me show you what the highly successful businesses are doing. 

Let me help you Minimize Your Expenses and Maximize Your Profits With Smart Business Management

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