12 Free Marketing Resources For Lawn Care Companies

One of the Growing Profits Book Series

There are many things you can do to promote your business that cost any money.  Other techniques, like offering rewards for referrals cost very little. This free guide suggests techniques that not only bring in leads but also builds trust and loyalty from current customers. 

Get this free guide and make sure you are using these resources to your biggest advantage. Don't do anymore paid marketing until you have covered all your free bases.


12 Free Marketing Resources For Lawn Care Companies

Promoting your business doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are plenty of free, or
nearly free, options out there. These are just 12 you can start implementing

Some techniques are free, such as customers’ word-of-mouth. While this
is free, it can work even better with incentives like rewarding the customer for referrals.
If you offer them a $75 credit on their bill when they get a neighbor to sign up, how
much is that really costing you?

With free, or near free, resources and customer referrals you should be able to grow your business with minimal marketing costs.Download the free 34 page book and make sure you are optimizing these resources. 

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  • Business Listings - make sure you have everything that Google is looking for in your listings. Be one of the top 3 business listings so everyone will see you.
  • Business Website - this is your stage, your platform to show off your services, your staff, and your knowledge.  If you have won awards, your website is the perfect place to show off those awards. Google is looking for certain information on business websites. Make sure you have included everything you need to rank well. Make it inviting for your potential customers.
  • XML Sitemap - does your website have an XML sitemap submitted to all the search engines so they can verify your website and stay updated. 

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