Ability To Control Insects Can Be Key To Keeping Lawns Healthy and Customers Happy

If you are a selling Fertilization and Weed control services, you should also be selling Insect control. These lessons will guide your through  These services are easier to do, with less employees, and higher profits.  If you haven't started your business yet, this course will get you started on the right track. 

Insect control should be a high profit service for you, especially if you are combining it with other services. Proactive insect control is important for consistant income and takes away a lot of those "urgent-drop what you are doing and come" type phone calls.

This course will guide you through setting up, scheduling, and performing Minimum Expense with Maximum Profits insect services.

It's hard to be called out to a damaged lawn and know you could have helped prevent it

Even harder is being called out to damage and not know what is causing it.

When a customer calls you, they expect you to have all the answers and solutions.  Sometimes they are an analytical personality and will ask a hundred questions and expect you to explain all about your issue.  They may be a director type personality and don't care what is happening, they just want you to fix the issue.  Regardless you are the expert and they trust you.  You want to be their hero, and solve their problem.

If we can convince them to purchase a program of regular insect control applications we will be ahead of the game. If we can walk in and do a quick diagnosis and assume the customer we know what it is and we can take care of it immediately, it is the next best thing.  We will win their loyalty and they will tell their friends.

This course will teach you to determine if a lawn issue is being caused by insects, disease, or an environmental issue.  You will then be able to narrow down which insect is causing the damage.  (I hope you will take the Lawn Disease course and be able to identify the disease also). After determiing which insect is causing the damage you will be able to effectively treat the lawn and offer suggestions for preventative control. 

You will have a strategy for sales and marketing to go with your new multi-service instect program. I hope you will share the safety lesson with your employees and keep safety as a top priority while applying pesticides.

You can do this.......

Introduction To Lawn Insect Control

These 12 online video lessons will prepare you to start offering insect control services. Over 4 1/2 hours of training.  If you already offer these services it will help you identify insects.  You will be able to make informed decisions about products and equipment. Selling and markeing lessons will prepare you to talk to your customers and get them on regular insect prevention treatments.  You will be able to evaluate whether a lawn issue is insect, disease, or environmental based much quicker.

What You’ll Get In The Course

When you purchase this product you will have instant access to all lessons and bonuses.  These lessons cover the most common insects and most common environmental issues that may look like insect damage. Lessons include almost 4 hours of training.  Bonus videos provide anotheer hour of training for a total of 5 hours of training. 

Insect identification

Identifying insects is easy when you know what to look for.  They all have destict markings and patterns. The damage caused by insects is a huge clue to narrow down the culprit.  After these lessons, you will be able to identify all the main insects and how to distinguish their damage from disease or environmental issues. 

Damage diagnosis

These lesson will teach you how to go about setting up a flowchart in your head.  You can start with the big picture looking at where the damage started and how it has moved. Then working your way down.  Do you see any insects? Have roots bene affected? Is there damage on leaf blades? What does the damage look like? After these lessons you will have confidence in your diagnostic skills. These are great employee training videos. 

Products and equipment

You may already have the equipment you need to perform these services but making the right decisions about products and equipment is a key principal of the Minimize Expenses and Maximize Profits strategy. These lesson help you make decisions about the use of combination products and making good choices about liquid or granular products. 

pesticide safety

This lesson reviews safety basics.  Product handling and safety, Personal Protection Equipment that must be worn.  This lesson will be a good safety review for some and a great safety procedures lesson for new employees. 

sales and marketing

After this lesson you will be ready to make a sales plan for selling insect control.  Office people can mention it during call aheads and routine calls.  Techs can suggest it on service paperwork. We will cover several ways you can market and then sell your insect services. 

Course Modules

What’s in the course?  Video Lessons, Downloads, Schedules, and More


Module 1: Introduction

Introduction to course and quickintroduction to key points in lessons. Lessons do not have to be taken in order, you can skip around as needed. 


Module 2: Fundamentals-Above and Below Ground Insects

Above ground insects include aphids, chinch bugs, armyworms, spiddle bugs, and other insects that can cause the loss of the whole lawn. Below ground insects include grubs, mole crickets, wireworms, and more. We will also cover earth worms and other organisms that live below ground but don't cause damage. Chinch bug control can be complicated and require multiple services per year.  Preventatives are the best control method.  Fire Ants require special control products and special techniques so are covered in a dedicated lesson. Not all common lawn insects cause damage, we will look at the beneficial insects. 


Module 3: Damage Diagnosis

Lessons review the basics of diagnosis. Insect damage, disease damage, and environmental damage all have patterns.  We will study the patterns so that you will be able to distinguish the type of damage quickly. These lessons are professional video trainings that can be used to train field technicians.


Module 4: Products, Equipment, and Safety

Lesson cover products, equipmment, and pesticide safety. Insecticides are divided into different categories. Some products are more affective for above ground insects, some work better on below ground insects.  Some companies sell these services separately.  I will teach you to combine these products and services for better customer satisfaction and ease of scheduling.  Save yourself some time and use the safety video for an employee safety review.


Module 5: Putting It All Together

Explain exactly what this module will teach them, and use names of individual lessons if you can. You might want to include the number of lessons, the length of each lesson, or any other information. But make sure you focus on the benefits that the customer would get just by taking this module on it’s own 


Lawn Care Insect Course Bonuses!

I try to cover all the main topics that need to be covered on a subject like Lawn Insect Control. Of course, there are always addition topics that re-enforce this knowledge or adds  insight.  These bonuses add another hour of training to compliment your basic course.  Three of these videos are from my 47 video mastercourse covering the business side of lawn care care business.  Disease damage is often confused with insect damage.  Watch the video for a quick review of disease control.  

Course Bonuses

It isn't listed below, but Passing Your Pesticide License lesson is also included.  You will need a license to apply insecticides.  Having employees that also have a license is a huge sign of company professionalism. Use this video to help as many people as needed to get ready for state testing. 

Equipment Calibration

Calibration of equipment is a corner stone of your business.  Making sure it is done regulary and done right is crutial. This 21 minute video lesson will help you do that. 

Introduction To Disease Control

 This video lesson is a review of points that are taught in the disease control course.  This will be a review of what leads to disease damage and how it can be controlled.

Combination Products

 Combination products like insecticide embedded on fertilizer will save your company time and money.  This video lesson is important for your Minimize Expenses-Maximize Profits strategy. 

What makes this course different

I have worked with businesses of all sizes. I have seen fear hold owners back from doing easy profitable services.  I have seen over-spending put businesses with great potential out of business.  Businesses having less than 90% customer retention and high employee turnover struggle needlessly.  I know what works and doesn't work.  I have seen the patterns and watched results for years.  Successful businesses all have the same basic strategies and structures. 

I want you to succeed in your business.  The key to a sustainable business is making a profit that will allow you to invest back in to the business. Enough profit to make your family comfortable.  Enough to pay your employees well so they will stay with your long term.  Enough that you can buy the best equipment and market for the future.  

Predictable income that allows your business sustainable growth each year.  That's our goal.

I have seen what works and doesn't work all over the US.  Using the 14 principles in the SUSTAIN PROFITS Strategy, you will succeed.  Let me help you be successful.  Let me show you what the highly successful businesses are doing. 

Let me help you Minimize Your Expenses and Maximize Your Profits  with smart business management. Our courses will get your started.

Insect Control Services Are One of the Highest Profit Services You Can Offer

This course will be paid for by selling 2-3 insect services.  I am going to get you started selling customers 3-5 insect services that you can do at the same time you are applying fertilizer or spraying weeds. No extra labor, just product cost. Inscrease your cash-per-stop by 3X.   This course will save you a lot of time creating a  training course for your employees.  This professional course is comparable to $147 online courses. 

Lawn Insect Control Course

Start Selling 3-5 Service Insect Programs Now!




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