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Plant Identification

Plant identification articles to help you learn to identify trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, turfgrass and weeds.  Professional information you can count on as being accurate. Watch a short free lesson covering basic Horiculture Plant Identification by clicking on the button below.

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 Learn to check for identifing signs like bark color and thickness, shape of bud scars, leaves, flowers, and growth habit.


Leaves,flowers and growth habit help distinguish flower genus and species. Annuals will live one year, bi-annuals two years, perennials more than two years. 

Turf and Weeds

Use Turf grass can be hard to identify. Breaking down the regions of the US with cool or warm season turf is a start. Weeds can be divided into broadleaf and grassy.

popular articles

Popular Articles

HYDRANGEASHydrangeas are invaluable garden shrubs as they possess the ability

Echinacea: Common Name Purple Cone FlowersOne of the best perennial

Achillea spp.   Common name YarrowAchillea egypticaEgyptian Yarrow; Nat. Ord.

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Trees, Shrubs, and Vines


Turfgrass and Weeds


Annuals and Perennials

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