Non-Turf Area Weed Control Services Are An Easy and Profitable Add-On To Many Services You Probably Already Offer

You can make a greater profit if you can do several services while you are there.  Why stop for $60 when you can spend another 5-10 minutes and stop for $85.  Most of us would sign up for that all day. 

In this 9 video online course you will learn about the 3 main areas of non-turf weed control, flower and tree beds, hard surfaces adjacent to areas with living plants, and hard sufaces without living plants close by.

You will learn about suggested products for these areas and the equpment needed to perform the services. 

Stop being scared of offering flower bed weed control. If you know the right products to use, it's an easy money maker customers love.

Learn  to plug-and-play non-turf weed control. Choose the area you are working in and plug in the right products  at the right time. 

You have seen the weeds in the flower beds. You have put down new mulch only to see if filling up with weeds  in a few months. Customers may have asked you to keep the weeds out of their flower beds.  You know customers want beds but don't want to spend their free time weeding them.

Maybe you have wanted to keep their beds clean for them but didn't know how.  Maybe you have been scared you would hurt the shrubs and flowers in the beds.  You are right to be scared.  If you use the wrong products you can do a lot of damage.  That is why you need this course.

After this course you will know what customer beds are perfect for your services. You will know what to charge customers and what to tell them.  You will know the right products to use and when to use them so your job stays easy. 

After this course you will see how easy it is to bundle these services with other services.  Just as easy as "do you want fries with that?", you will be asking "do you want weed control with that?" mulch, season planting, trimming, lawn weed control, and more.

You can do this! Stop leaving the money on the table and be the flower bed weed control hero.

Non-Turf Weed Control Course

What's Included In This Course

At the end of this course you will be able to identify the 3 main areas of non-turf weed control and the proper products to use to control them.  The importance of pre-emergents.  We will cover natural/organic controls to you will be able to fulfull those requests. Flower beds to quote and ones to pass. We will cover bundling these services with other services for easy sales. Over 3 hours of video lessons. 

Flower Bed Weed Control

Flower bed weed control is a natural add on to Ornamental services, lawn services,  and landscape services such as seasonal flowers and mulching. You will learn the ideal beds to sell and service.  Schedules, products, and equipment. 

hard surface weed control

There are different rules for hard surface weed control.  Weeds will be a problem in hard surfaces that are either close to plant materials aor anay from plant materials. These areas are treated differently and you will learn what to look for and how to make the right choices. 

bundling with other services

Learn to pair non-turf weed control with lawn weed control, ornamental plant control, mowing, pruning, seasonal planting and more. Profits rise since you are already on site.  Being on the property regularly helps you keep an ey out for any occasional weed that pops up.

Course Modules

What's included in the course


Module 1: Introduction and Weeds 101

A review of key points that will be covered through the course.  This overview will help you plan to start selling the services. We will review basic weed facts and control.  Types of weeds and how the grow and can be controlled. 


Module 2: Areas of Non-Turf Weed Control

Non-Turf weed areas can be divided into 3 areas.  We don't cover roadsides or train tracks because they need a special license in many states. The 3 areas you will commonly be treating for residential and commercial control are flower/tree beds, hard surfaces near plants, and hard surfaces away from plants. 


Module 3: Natural/Organic Control/Products/Bundles

You will eventually be asked to use natural/organic products for weed control on non-turf areas. This lesson will cover what products can be used and how to use them. You willknow what products are suggested for chemical control. You will be guided through how to make easy to sell bundles that include non-turf weed control. 


Module 4: Course Wrap-Up

We will review and wrap-up the key points of the lessons. We will put everything together so that you will be ready to quote price for services, check that you have the equipment you need, pick up products, and start servicing next time you are on properties.  Cha Ching!

Course Bonuses

These videos in the basic course will give you all the information you need to be successful.  The bonus materials will go beyond the basic course and teach you to calibrate your equipment.. Maybe it’s access to a members-only facebook group or online forum. If so, tell them about it here!

Bonus 1: Calibration Lesson

Regular calibration should be done daily.  Learn how to do quick calibrations and complete calibrations. Big sprayers and spreaders  along with hand equipment is covered. Watching and setting up scheduled calibration will save you a lot of money if you aren't doing it regularly.

Bonus 2: Intro to Aeration

Introduction to aeration services will go over the key points of selling and performing aeration, dethatching, power raking, and verticutting services. You will be excited about possibilities after this lesson.

Bonus 3: Introd to Soil Services

Soil services may be the most under rated lawn services.  They make sense for you and sense for your customers. Sell pH adjustment can be sold separately or added as another severe in fertilization and weed control packages. 

What makes us and this course different?

I have collaborated with businesses ranging from small startups to large corporations. I have seen fear hold owners back from doing easy profitable services. I have seen over-spending put businesses with great potential out of business. Businesses having less than 90% customer retention and high employee turnover struggle needlessly. I know what works and doesn't work. I have seen the patterns and watched results for years.

 Successful businesses all have the same basic strategies and structures.

I want you to succeed in your business. The key to a sustainable business is making a profit that will allow you to invest back in to the business. Enough profit to make your family comfortable. Enough to pay your employees well so they will stay with your long term. Enough that you can buy the best equipment and market for the future.

Predictable income that allows your business sustainable growth each year. That's our goal.

I have seen what works and doesn't work all over the US. Using the 14 principles in the SUSTAIN PROFITS Strategy, you will succeed. Let me help you be successful. Let me show you what the highly successful businesses are doing.

Let me help you Minimize Your Expenses and Maximize Your Profits with smart business management. Our courses will get your started.

You Can Increase Your Average Sale Per Stop Easily

Because of the expertise involved and the specialize products, flower bed weed control is a premium service you can add.  Customers are will to pay a premium price to not have to work in their flower beds. You should recoup the price of this course with one or two services. You can use these lessons to train employees on how to quote and perform these services.   Course Prices Are Increasing Soon.  

non-turf weed control

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Your Personal Note

I am proud of this course and hope you will enroll soon.  Non-Turf weed control is easy to perform and as natural as adding fries to a burger.  If you doing tree and shrub ornamental control you are already standing by the beds.  If you are planting seasonal color, putting down weed control will only add a couple of minutes. Spraying sidewalks and driveways while you are spraying the lawn goes hand in hand. Don't miss this training for these profit building services.