Deer Repellent With Odor Mode of Action

Deer repellent that focuses on adding an odor that deer will stay away from can be a part of a mullti-facet program.  Milorganite adds a bonus if you are also treating the lawn with fertilization and weed control.  It will encourage growth and the iron will improve the color while deterring the deer.  It is commonly used in fruit orchards for thiss purpose.

Milorganite is a processed sewage sludge that originates from Milwaukee. Sewage sledges are residue of organic matter generated as a byproduct of waste water treatment.  After waste water treatment, the water is removed and the waste is heated and dried, then made into small granules.

 The heating process kills viral and bacterial pathogens. The trade name Milorganite was derived from MILORGANITE.  This treated sludge is sold as a natural fertilizer with a formulation of 6-2-0 (N-P-K).

According to its material safety data sheet Milorganite is "registered for sale in all 50 states and meets all federal and state requirements.  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certifies it as biobased because it is derived from 85% renewable materials.  It is not, however, certified for use on USDA organic farms. Read more about Milorganite on the Natural Deer Control page. 

Plantskydd Deer Repellent - was developed in Sweden in 1991. Plantskydd's long-term effectiveness is attributed to its vegetable oil binder in sticking to plants up to 6 months over winter, 3-4 months in summer. The Swedish name for the product "Plantskydd" translates as "Plant Protection". The active ingredient in Planskydd is dried bloodmeal.

Plantskydd Deer Repellent works by emitting an odor that animals associate with predator activity. Plantskydd claims to stimulate a fear-based response which will repel deer.

Natures Mace - Original Coyote UrinePOWERFUL DEER REPELLANT: Our university backed spray has 400% more active ingredients than leading brands. Our repellent works best for deer, however it does contain ingredients used in our rabbit repellent. This deer repellent is strong and powerful because it uses a combination of scents & odors found in nature.

Deer and Rabbit MACE will naturally change animal browsing behavior. With regular application, on a 30 to 60-day rotation, you will save shrubs, trees, bushes, vines, and vegetables by training deer and rabbits to stay clear of your landscaped and garden areas. Nature's MACE deer and rabbit repellent is a time-released granular formula. Our repellents are activated by the soil, so they retain their effectiveness as they decompose.


Coyote Urine 100% works. Deer will go elsewhere when they think predators are in the area. Apply urine every two weeks by pouring small amounts at 10-foot intervals around the area. There are 30-day dispensers can also be used to broadcast the scent over a longer time. Can also be applied to rags and hung every 10 feet from low branches.

There are several brands of coyote urine but they all work the same way.  The lures create the illusion predators are present in the area.

Non-Liquid Odor Repellents

Deer Scram - Deer Scram is not just another offensive scent or unpleasant taste. These granules are blended from selected organic components (meat meal, dried blood, garlic and more) that convince deer that danger is nearby, so they scram! To humans it smells like a mild fertilizer, but to deer it smells like a dead deer.

 Just sprinkle a protective strip around your plant beds to create a barrier deer and rabbits won't cross. Won't wash off or dissolve in the rain; lasts up to 45 days. All-natural, biodegradable. 40-oz. tub protects up to 1600 sq. ft.

Deer Away Powder Deer repellent egg based product tested and proven effective against deer browsing. This unique product repels by odor but, unlike some repellents, Deer Away will not be offensive to you. Tested in independent studies by the USDA and Penn State.

Deer Away was originally developed for use in large reforestation projects. One application will last up to 2 months. This product is designed for pines, firs, fruits, citrus and ornamentals.

FendOff Garlic Clips - Oil of garlic with capsaicin. Place 3-4 clips per tree or 1 per shrub.  Read the directions for suggested use.  Simply clip to any plant to create a barrier of protection against animals. Break the seal with the small tool that is included and place clip in desired location.

Deer Repel Deer Repellent - Ready to use 10 pack - Simply hang or stake repellent pouches near plants or trees you want protected. Create a perimeter around your garden. RAIN RESISTANT, SUPER LONG-LASTING - Deer Repel Repellent Pouches protect your garden day and night.  It is all natural and has a pleasant spice scent.  It does not contain harmful chemicals or poisons.

Shake-Away 100 % Organic, Natural & Safe! Shake-Away is an effective all natural animal repellent in granular form. The distinctive ingredient is predator urine from the Coyote, Fox or Bobcat. Through a patented process, the urine is integrated with a unique granular material. One application last 90 days.

Plant Saver All Natural Deer Repellent Natural formula and ingredients. It is safe to use on all shrubs and flowers. Fill each small inner bag with Plant Saver - tie bags shut and hang every 2-3 feet in the garden or tie them on the branches of your fruit trees. Product Includes: 10 or 20 cotton bags to hang around the garden. Conveniently packaged in a larger cotton bag. Covers 40-50 linear feet. Continues to work for up to 6 months.

Plant Saver 20 bags
Shake Away Deer Repellent

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