Black plasitc deer neeting

Deer Netting and Tubing for Deer Control

There are several companies that make deer netting and tubing that can be used as a type of deer control. Most are also used to discourage birds and can be used as needed. If you have a short term, yet valuable crop such as grapes or fruit, this might be the best choice.

Gempler's carries rolls of multi-purpose polyethylene netting that can be used over crops to protect against deer, birds, and small animals. It has small 3/4" x 1" aperture block that stop small birds while allowing air circulation. It won't rust or corrode and is resistant to UV breakdown. It is black and comes in various lengths and widths.

There are several different types of tubes or tubing to put around small trees or encase saplings to keep the deer from either eating them or rubbing against them doing damage.   Some of these tubes are also used to prevent weed-eater damage or damage while shipping.

Tubex Treeshelters

Tubex Treeshelters surround saplings with a one piece plastic tube. The tubes are transparent, polypropylene tubes that are placed around the small trees at the time of planting. The polypropylene is treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor that keeps the tubes from breaking down in the sun.  Tubes usually last seven to ten years.  It is recommended that the tubes be supported by one wooden stake pounded into the ground next to the tube.  

Tubes come in two, three, four or five feet tall.  Height used usually depends on the side of the seedling, deer pressure, or snowfall.  The warmth produced by the tubes and the sheltering factor help the new trees grow faster.  

Tree Sentry

 The Tree Sentry is a unique and patented approach with a distinctive shape, material, and staking design. Tree Sentry is a wire cone that has 3 integral wire stakes built in. This tubing type shelter is also known by other names such as TreePee and Gardener's Grow Cone and is made entirely in the USA of domestic recycled and virgin materials. It was designed by a midwestern farmer Todd Friesner in Northwest Ohio.

To install the Tree Sentry, you just push the wires into the ground and pull the Browse mesh up around it. A Browse Mesh extension is made for larger animals such as deer. The strengthening of the wind to harden up the sapling as the planting matures and extends beyond the 18" tall conical shelter and into the rigid browse mesh. Wind buffeting activity promotes a strong trunk in the sapling. Having a larger diameter at the base and tapered conical shape, the Tree Sentry with it's unique shape is wider than other shelters, allowing for lateral branching of the seedling - very important for many species.

Tree Pro Miracle Tube

Tree Pro Miracle Tube and Tree Pro Shrub Protector are ventilated translucent shelters that fit over tree seedlings and shrubs. They attach to a stake with two straps. Both are designed to last at least four years. They are made from recycled plastic and contain a UV inhibitor.

Deer Netting Video

The video below shows how the netting can be attached to T-posts and how it works.  The product shown is sold at Lowes but similar brands are available at locations like Amazon.

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