Homemade Deer Repellent Recipes

Deer Repellent Recipes You Can Make Yourself

These recipes are from a website I had for many years.  They were submitted through comments for many years.  I had almost a hundred homemade deer repellent recipes.  Many were repeats.  I choose the best ones and this is the collection of the best..  Thank you to all the contributors over the years that have sent us their favorite recipes. 

FROM: www.farminfo.org/pests

3 raw eggs

3 tbs. of red hot sauce

3 tbs. of garlic juice or minced

Add enough water to a blender to process and mix well. Add this to a gallon of water and spray on plants. You can make the spray last longer by adding Wilt Proof to it.

FROM: A Minnesota Master Gardener at www.extension.umn.edu/yardandgarden/AAMG/wildlife

Blend 2 eggs and a cup or two or cold water at high speed. Add this mixture to a gallon of water and let it stand for 24 hours. After 24 hours, spray on foliage. The egg mixture does not wash off easily, but re-application 2-3 times a season may be needed. For a larger quantity, blend a dozen eggs into 5 gallons of water. This mix is also said to repel rabbits.

FROM: www.Rutherford County.org

6 eggs

 4 hot peppers or enough to make it very hot

6-12 gloves of garlic, enough to make it stink

5 cups of warm water.

Put it all in a blender and liquify it. Put it in an old milk jug. Set it out for a couple of days in the sun to let it cook and get really stinky and hot. Strain it good if you want to use it in a sprayer. You can also pour it on and/or around the plants directly from the jug.

Scare Deer Repellent

1 yard of old sheeting, cotton, or muslin

1/4 cup bloodmeal 

1 cup of hair clippings

Cut the fabric into small 4-inch squares. Mix the bloodmeal and hair together and place about a tablespoon onto the center of each square. Bring up the ends and secure with a string or rubber band. Hang these little packets from the branches of the trees and shrubs.

FROM: Backyard Magazine

1 egg

1/2 cup milk

1 Tablespoon of cooking oil

1 Tablespoon of dish soap

Add 1 gallon of water and shake well. Spray or sprinkle on plants every two weeks or after heavy rain.

FROM: A woman on a forum that swears it works

3 large eggs, shells included

1 large clove of garlic

2 cups of fresh green onion tops

2 cups of water

Put everything into the blender and liquify for 2 minutes. Add this mixture to a pail containing 2 quarts of warm water and melted deodorant soap such as dial. Stir together, then add two tablespoons of chili powder or cayenne pepper and mix well. Splash, spray, drip, or somehow paint the mixture on the plants. Be sure to get egg shells on the leaves. When used every two weeks it is effective year-around. Save some of each batch to "ripen" the next batch. NOTE: A slightly different version was listed with the only difference being that they fermented the mix for a few days. This person said it was also effective for Voles.

FROM: Kreftmeyer Fine Gardens/Missouri Botanical Gardens

2 eggs

1 cup skim milk

1 cup water

2 Tablespoons liquid dish detergent

Put all in blender and spray.

FROM: Prus Family, Chapel Hill

1 cup sour milk, sour cream, or buttermilk

2 eggs beaten and strained

5 drops liquid dish soap

five drops cooking oil or dormant oil

20 drops of essential oil of cloves

Top off 1 gallon container with water. Shake well. Spray as a light mist. Respray every 2-3 weeks.

FROM: Popesgarden.com
2 tsp. beef bouillon
2 well-beaten eggs
1 gallon of water
Dissolve bouillon and eggs in 1 gallon water. Let the mixture sit for a few days. Apply. Reapply after heavy rain.

FROM: http://www.nj.gov/counties/mercer/community/wildlife/about.html
Mix together in a blender:
2 cups of water
5 cloves of fresh garlic
1 cup of chopped onions
5 Tbsp. powdered hot pepper
Pour into a covered container and let stand for 24 hours. Strain and mix with 1 gallon of water. Apply to plants with a sprayer.

FROM: http://motlowcreekgardens.com/deer_tips_and_advice.php
4 tablespoons ground cayenne pepper
1 cup white vinegar
½ cup peeled garlic
1 cup clear ammonia
1 cup Murphy's oil soap
1 bar Ivory hand soap (Optional)

From www.Eartheasy.com

Mix one whole egg with a quarter cup of water and mix well. Pour the mixture into a pump bottle and spray it on your plants. This deterrent will withstand light rains because the egg sticks to the leaves.
~ Mix one tablespoon of liquid dish detergent with one ounce of hot sauce in one litre of water and spray directly on plants which deer have been nibbling.
~ For larger volume applications, mix the following ingredients:
2 gallons water (8 liters)

2 whole eggs
2 T cooking oil

2 T liquid detergent
Pour the mixture into a pump bottle and spray it on your plants.

From contributor "grdnstff" at UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research on Vancouver Island

He has used this for 5 years and swears it is the best recipe for him to use.

1 tablespoon of baking powder

1 egg yolk

1 liter of water

 Spray plants every 2-3 weeks.

Boil the cayenne in the vinegar for one minute and strain through a coffee filter. Puree garlic in 2 cups of water in a blender. Strain that mixture through another coffee filter. Combine the two liquids with the ammonia and oil soap in a 3 gallon garden sprayer. Fill the sprayer to the maximum level with water. Spray on areas you wish to protect. For extra stickiness, float a bar of Ivory soap in the spray and use it over several fillings. Reapply weekly and after rains. 

From: Lisa Ward, Florence 

10 drops of clove oil

1/2 teaspoon of dish soap

1/2 teaspoon of vegetable oil

1 egg

1/2 cup of milk

Whisk all of this together and add 1/2 gallon of water. Put in spray bottle (after making the opening on the bottom of the spray part larger, as the egg will clog it up) and spray plants with it. Use again after a hard rain or on new growth. I usually spray once per week and the leftovers can be kept in the fridge. Hope this is a help to gardeners.

Dial Soap or Lifebuoy Soap

Drill a hole in the bar and hang it with fishing line. Hang one bar from each small tree or every 3 feet on large trees.

Human hair, coyote urine, moth balls, bone tar oil, rancid grease, feather meal (dried chicken feathers),dried blood or blood meal. These can be put alone or in combination in a nylon stocking, mesh bag, or plastic bag with holes about 3 feet off the ground. Fabric softener cloths can be hung every 3 feet. Also ammonia-soaked rags can be used.

Tried It And It Works

by Tonya (Cedar Hill, TX,USA)

Here's a recipe I have tried and I think it works well. I will post a picture of my garden this summer.

Boil some garlic cloves in two cups of water.
Add 3 eggs
1 cup of vinegar
1 teaspoon of dish soap
4 Haberano peppers

Mix this up in a blender and then leave it outside for a day or so, to get really rancid. Pour some into a spray bottle — then spray it lightly onto your vulnerable garden plants.
Repeat spraying after heavy rain or every 4-6 weeks.

Miloganite Repels and Fertilizes

by James (Pennsylvania)

My wife and I already used Milorganite (Milwaukee's sludge) as a natural fertilizer and then we realized that it worked as a deer repellent also. The deer wouldn't cross the area where we put the milorganite, so we put down lines of it around our vegetable garden now and around our fruit trees.

I was going to get a Fence, but I Tried this Recipe

by Xan (North Carolina)

When we had a landscaper over to consult on, among other things, installing some deer fencing so we could plant some more perennials, he suggested a much cheaper solution. He gave us his homemade deer repellent recipe, and it’s been working fine for two months now.

The recipe is simple: 1 quart Texas Pete and 6 eggs and water. Mix the Texas Pete and eggs in a blender, and then add with water to fill a 1 gallon sprayer. Leave any unused portion in the sprayer until it all gets used.

Stays on after rains, though I made a refresher pass after a month or so, anyway.

Try the Mothballs
by: Dane

Try some moth balls around the corners of your garden. This will drive off those disturbing deer for good. You could also use tulsi plant. I don’t know if this will work a 100%. I have only heard about this and I have not done it personally. But the moth balls works for sure.

This Deer Repellent Works Well

by Neva (Oklahoma)

2-3 Tbs. Cooking Oil

 1 Egg
1 cup Milk or Buttermilk
1 Tbs. liquid soap
1 Teaspoon hot chili oil (optional)
1 Qt. Water

Combine in a blender; egg, milk, cooking oil and liquid soap with one quart of water. Add one teaspoon of hot chili oil if you have it available. Then blend. Pout in a small spray bottle or let sit a day or two, then spray on susceptible plants every week.
The bad thing is that you have to reapply every week. I am going to try one of the recipes above that have soap or something that makes it stay on plants longer.

Female Urine (human)

by Sandi Blair (Spooner, Wisconsin)

I had read about coyote urine to deter deer, and I thought why not try human urine. Is's cheap, and most households have an unlimited supply.

I live in the woods, and we have whitetail deer that can hop over an 8-foot fence, and before I started using this method, they seemed to think: "What a nice lady for planting such a variety of salad." They will eat anything, including monk's hood (monk's cap) which is very poisonous. I sprayed it around my beds and on my flowers, and they left them alone until it rained. Then I had to spray them again.

Of course I can't spray it on my vegetable garden or fruit, so I "pour" it around the outside perimeter of a 4-foot fence that encloses my garden, and they leave the garden alone. The first time I did this, in fact, it was quite hilarious. I didn't have the fence up yet, so I just sprayed the urine around the part of the garden that wasn't planted yet. When I got to the part of the garden I had planted, I "poured" the urine around it. When a deer came along, he sort of sniffed the part I had sprayed, but when he got to the part where I had poured the urine, the deer shook his head like he was in shock and took off like lightening into the woods. Wish I had it on camera.
You may say "gross" but when you live in an oak forest that produces deer food (acorns), you do whatever it takes. By the way, be careful which way the wind is blowing.

If mine works, yours will, too
by: Anonymous

The Game Commission refuses to thin the disease-carrying deer herds that are as big as cars here, and we are not allowed to harm them out of hunting season. There is nothing sweet or Bambi-like about the eating machines who manufacture tremendous amounts of excrement while destroying everything growing, including plants, trees and bushes experts claim they won't eat. If deer are reputed to hate human scent it makes sense to me to spread my four acres with my own urine, saturating entire bushes that they are systematically clear cutting. Additionally, I collected deer feces and stuffed it down the groundhog's hole, eliminating it in the mix. My next challenge requires mixing the urine with something sticky that can't wash off when it rains, and I have also strung up fishing line at fourteen foot heights to stop the deer herds from jumping around through my property. Due to the extreme heat I hydrate constantly, and have urinating into empty yogurt containers down to an art form, with no leaking, mess or clean up. I can generate several gallons in a twenty four hour period, and it is very satisfying to pour my urine around my hydrangeas, hostas, daises and peonies, knowing the herd of hateful deer won't touch them!

Male Urine works also
by: Anonymous

Tried this summer after many dollars on bottled stuff. 6 Canadian beer, wait one half hour, spray. Neighbors and wife think crazy, oh yeah forgot to add, wait until dusk before applying with original sprayer.

This does work female or male
by: Anonymous

You may or may not follow the advisr but it does work well. Also sweaty clothes if you have some you are throwing away dont wash them, hand them outside for the deer to smell.

by: Carolyin Peters

I love this idea and now I will drink gallons of water and start peeing lol

Pee with a purpose
by Patt (colbert, WA. )

Take old socks, stuff them with other old socks, or batting, like the kind you put in a quilt.
Tie these to the trees or the garden fence.
Take human urine out there on a weekly basis, use an old can and just dip the old socks in them enough to soak the stuffing.
Or easier yet, just send out the men to do the job.
Or the kids, or the old man, or fill the can yourself.

Tobacco Tea

(Pennsylvania, USA)

a freebie for smokers or people with friends that are smokers....
empty the contents of two or three ashtrays into a pot of simmering water (yeah, yeah, i know, disgusting) and simmer for at least a half an hour...strain into some kind of holding container (ie: a small plastic bowl, etc) using a coffee filter in a colander/strainer. Put in any kind of empty spray bottle that you have laying around and spray on plants ..you do not have to saturate...do not use on the flower itself, just the foliage...may stain (if you don't smoke, find a friend that will empty her/his ashtrays for you, maybe even cook it up for you) redo if it rains ..

Comments for Tobacco Tea

Good combo repellent
by: Anonymous
The tobacco will both smell bad and be poisonous. This is a good tip.

1 head of garlic, cloves separated and smashed (no need to peel)
1 qt. boiling water
1 tsp. castile soap (Dr. Bronners or similar)

Steep garlic cloves in boiling water in a sealed container overnight. Transfer to a spray bottle, straining out solids.
Add castile soap and shake well.

Try to use the same day as it will lose potency.
Comments for Litmoves

This works,  but could be better
by: Laura G

I have tried this and it does pretty well. I am going to try a couple of the other ones above that sound like they would stick better to the leaves.

Simply use a potato peeler to thinly slice bars of Irish Spring soap around your garden. Only drawback is the color of the soap surrounding your garden, but it works fantastically! The shavings last for weeks.

Comments for Irish Spring

Irish Spring
by: Emily Jeffrey

You did not mention the reason why you are doing this, why repel deer? Is it for nice fragrant environment or something like deer repellent? Anyways thanks for sharing this deer control information. I will try soap for deer repellent first then look at other deer control recipes.

Mix with water
by: Anonymous

I keep a watering can with a bar of Irish Spring in it in my garden and sprinkle it around and even splash a little on the plants. It doesn't seem to hurt them. I apply after it rains and washes the earlier application off. When you empty the can of water you can refill it and leave it overnight to dissolve more of the soap. When the soap mostly dissolves just throw another bar in but one bar lasts a good while

Vancouver Island Gardener
by Lynn Gordon
(Black Creek, BC, Canada)

Hard boil and mash 1 dozen eggs. Add about 1/3 kg bloodmeal. Add enough vegetable oil to moisten bloodmeal. If available, smash up some oyster shells, and add to mixture. Combine mixture, and pile scoops around garden.

The oyster shells are optional, however, what smells like death to deer, smells like dinner to slugs, and the oyster shells cut the slugs soft bodies, thereby destroying them. If you cannot harvest oyster shells in your area, sprinkle a non-toxic to animals or birds slug bait around your garden.

I prefer this recipe to sprays, since slugs tend to attack sprayed plants. We have almost 1 million deer on Vancouver Island, and I have not lost a plant to deer since I started using this repellant.

Comments for Vancouver Island Gardener

by: Anonymous

It is amazing to hear that there are nearly one million deer in Vancouver Island. At the same time it creates lot of problems. Canadian laws are tough and you cannot kill deers. Instead you can use deer repellants like on your deer control recipes page. I tried some of the homemade deer repellent recipes and liked the one with eggs and peppers and some urine and then I left it sit for 2 days before using.

Dog Deterrent
by: Anonymous

Cayenne pepper might work, and the deer wouldn't like it either.

Attracts dogs
by: Anonymous

I didn't even get this recipe mixed before my dogs starting fighting over it. Does anybody have any suggestions for keeping dogs from eating all the deterrent?

Rats & Raccoons
by: Anonymous

Living on a farm by a lake, I certainly have a fair number of both rats and raccoons on the property, but haven't noticed either attracted by the deer repellant. Rats invariably leave a lot of droppings, but their have been none around the garden. The only thing that the coons have gone for so far is my cat.

by: Anonymous

does this attract rats or raccoons?

Works, but going to try others
by: Anonymous

I thought this worked pretty well but I am going to keep trying others from this page until I find the perfect foolproof thing.

Eco Friendly, and truly works!

by Levi Shearer
(Cleveland, Ohio)

I can't believe I didn't read about this anywhere. We, here in Cleveland, Ohio have discovered the best deer repellent to date. It's call Milorganite Fertilizer. It is a Eco friendly fertilizer,4% nitrogen. It can be added anywhere, lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens. It will not burn and does not need to be watered after application. Hello, out there.

The deer were eating our roses either right after budding or eating the young new leaves. It was terrible. I had just planted a new climbing rose bush and it couldn't get started because it was being eaten whenever it started to grow. Another good thing about this fertilizer is it is cheap! Nine dollars for a 36lb bag. Do your own research, this stuff is amazing! It also lasts through many rains. Just sprinkle a hand full around the plants you want to protect and that is it. Please try it, you will then believe it!

Comments for Eco Friendly, and truly works!

The deer fight
by: Levi Shearer

I have also experienced great success with Deer Off. I obtain it from depot

Urine Luck Without Deer

by Brian Smith
(Ashmore, IL USA)

Pee in a milk jug and let sit out in the sun to cook for 3-4 days. It is optional to put cooking oil for longer lasting effect. Spray or sprinkle around plants about every two weeks and after heavy rains.

Fishing for Deer

(Central Virginia)

I strung heavy duty fishing line about waist high through the trees in a circle around our property and hung pieces of yellow plastic tape on it just so we could see where it is. I covered all their paths, and left very few open places, the driveway being one. So far no deer have entered the yard as far as I can tell, nothing that they usually eat has been eaten. They usually eat my azaleas, daylilies, mimosa trees, tulips, rose of Sharon and all my vegetable garden plants. If this continues to work I'm going to tell everyone I know!           Good Stuff

by: Lincoln

good deer control and good nutrient for your yard or garden- if you can't find it, there is a link on this site.

 Milorganite not working

by: Annoyed

Milorganite USED to work...Think this new generation LOVES it though...hasn't worked for me at all this summer.....After buying the hot pepper/oil commercial stuff, this seems to be working, but expensive, so...On to the egg and hot pepper mixture now to see if that works.

What it is.

by: Anonymous

Milorganite is processed human waste, it is widely used on golf courses as greens fertilizer.   Check the Milorganite page for more. I agree that Milorganite works. I have gather more information and put it on a page. Go to the link above or to Deer Repellent-Odor repellents-Milorganite to read more.

Comments for Fishing for Deer

Tried it
by: Anonymous

I just did the same thing only not around the whole yard but by the plants they eat. I think the deer thought it was an invitation to a new restaurant. They ducked under the string and ate the azaleas.

GOFEET in King George

I make a tea bag from a large coffee filter with:
1 tbs mint flakes or fresh mint
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp red pepper flakes or chipotle powder
1 tsp basil or rosemary

Steep in 1 gallon of cold water for a day and then add:
1 tsp of tabasco sauce
1/2 tsp of dishwashing detergent

Spray on plants every couple of weeks or after a rain. So far this has worked for me and we have a lot of deer come through our yard. This stuff also keeps well and doesn't have the foul odor that the egg mixtures have.

Personal Experience with Peppers

My mother had real problems with deer a few years ago. They've gotten really bad around here and subsequently she's been buying flower types that the deer don't like to eat. Well, she was given some rose bushes. After only a few days, the bushes were nearly gone. She sprinkled a bit of powdered cayenne pepper directly on the flowers and the deer didn't eat it.

I decided to see if I couldn't find out a better method. The deer probably don't like the smell or taste of spice and subsequently don't eat it. Well, I looked up how to extract capsaicin (the active ingredient in chili peppers that gives it the spice). The best way to extract it is 200 proof ethanol, AKA normal drinking alcohol. I didn't have any 200 proof alcohol, but I had some Everclear (95% alcohol, 190 proof).

We sliced up peppers, the hottest we could find, stems, seeds, and all, and put it in a pot. We filled the pot until the top of the pepper pieces were soaking in the alcohol. We let it soak for an entire week. After a week, we strained out the pieces, poured the liquid into a bottle and sprayed it on the flowers.

The smell of peppers is very powerful and the spice is pretty potent. It's like making pepper spray at home. I would highly recommend this as it's easy to do. 151 would work well too, probably.

A word of warning: be upwind when you spray this. It doesn't hurt, but your lungs will tingle for a few minutes if you breathe it in. But it's VERY effective. She was like the only person with flowers that deer liked to eat (like roses) in the entire neighborhood.

Comments for Personal Experience with Peppers

Good peppers topic
by: Audrey

No my personal experience with peppers and they work great as deer repellent. It will also repel other critters like rabbits if they try to eat on your plants

Pepper Spray
by: Anonymous

I suggest using deer repellent with hot pepper spray. I have done it and it succeeded. You can buy pepper spray from the market or make it yourself. This site offers the best deer repellent recipes. I like your web site and its content. Thanks for the information.

by: Andrew

By spraying the pepper and the chili powder, combination will definitely repel the deer from getting towards the garden. Even the dogs are afraid of these spicy sprayers. So everyone must try this will work for sure. But make sure to close your face while spraying.

420 gardens keep deer away 100% effective

I have done extensive testing on keeping deer and pretty much any herbivore away from my little girls. 100% effective.
2 ingredients: Human hair, spread around plants. next very important: Human Urine in a 50/50 mix with water in a spray bottle on stream not spray on ground around plants. NO closer than 3 feet from plants.

Comments for 420 gardens keep deer away 100% effective 
Human Ashes... Deer Left Perennials Untouched
by: GLG
One box of late husband's cremated ashes worked well for me. Flowers came up and deer went elsewhere in the yard. Darn, I ran out of ashes!
Hot Rosemary Deer Repellent
by Pat Pruss (La Plata, MD)

Boil eight cups of water
Add 6 large fresh sprigs of rosemary
simmer for 10 minutes
Let cool
Add 1 teaspoon Tabasco seasoning regular
Add 1 teaspoon Tabasco Chipotle seasoning

I put this is a 64 oz jar in a cool dry place, filling a separate spray bottle with the Hot Rosemary Deer Repellent and spray affected plants once a week, and after any series of 2+ rainy days.

Note: don't use this on vegetable plants or others you may eat, unless you don't mind if they 'inherit' the hot, spicy attribute of the hot pepper seasoning from the Tabasco.

I tried this for just 2 months, but so far it is working and has not damaged any ornamental plants - I use it on liriope, azalea, roses, hosta, cone flowers, coreopsis, day lilies and rhododendrons - and many others. Successful so far in 2009.

Try this recipe and let us know if it works for you.

I've tried dog hair and commercial preparations. The former has to be replenished too often (and our dog died), the latter is too expensive and not nice to the coyotes who 'donate' the urine.

Comments for Hot Rosemary Deer Repellent     
by: Anonymous
Mothballs are extremely toxic and horrible for the environment. DO NOT use them like this!
        Hot Rosemary Deer Repellent
by: Elizabeth Ryan
Its a great idea to keep deer away from ornamental and expensive plants. I was very worried about one of my plants but now I will do this trick. I will try the deer repellent recipes.
        I have not cooked this
by: Anonymous
I have not cooked this deer repellent recipe so far but I feel this would be the reason which really makes me more excited to cook this sooner and get rid of the deer. I have deer problems and I look forward to trying your repellent recipes.

Try Using Mothballs
by: Garry

I think the better option would be to use mothballs. This can actually repel them much easily and is cost effective. The only thing is that you will have to keep putting more and more mothballs every two or three days.

Jake Archer/ Truck driver
by jake
(sulphur rock, ar)

Not being home but once a week, this works to keep deer off my garden.
1. bottle of tabasco hot sauce
2. two eggs
3. gallon of water
Blend eggs and hot sauce and slowly add water till its smooth enough to work in a $1 spray bottle from a dollar store. Spray your plants generously with the mix.

Deer Repellent It does work
by G.R. (Hardy, Ar. (Sharp) county)

Take a grass rope, and hang on post, around your garden. Then take Irish Spring (reg.)soap, with moth balls, put them in some old (knee high hose) and hang them on your rope, about five ft. apart, depending on size of your garden. Slice your soap into small pieces, and mix with the moth balls. This will keep deer out of your garden, and it will last a long time. Also hang aluminum pie pans on the rope.

Comments for Deer Repellent It Does Work

Nov 16, 2015

Interesting Blog
by: Sam Kkkc

I think that is exactly works on deer repellent. I appreciate you. Thanks for share this blog

Apr 15, 2015

Deer Repellent
by: Anonymous

Normally deer eat from farm fields and they also carry harmful ticks with diseases. Deer repellent works because it either smells bad so they won't eat plants or tastes bad so if they eat a plant it will taste bad and they won't eat anymore. Deer repellents imported from abroad is very expensive. Deer repellent Home remedies are best.

Apr 03, 2015

Deer Repellent
by: Tiffany Kayla

I wonder where people needed to repel those cute deer. May be people living in woods and the area near woods. Thanks for nice and effective tips. I have heard about these tips from my grand mom, who lives in natural environment.

Mar 24, 2015

by: Peterson Jacob

Its a nice tip for those who live near jungle having deer. Once I camped in the hilly area where deer were wondering around. If I knew the tip, I would definitely try it. I love to visit your blog It refreshes my mind and makes me more creative. Thanks.

Feb 09, 2015

ha ha ha
by: Anna Maria Peter

ha ha that is so funny. In my garden this is often that these two gentlemen deer and the ground hog visit regularly. The deer repellent you said was good but the comments say they will not work with the ground hogs. I need deer repellent recipes and ground hog repellent recipes.

Does it work for groundhogs?
by: Anonymous

I have both deer and groundhogs. The deer eat everything, but the groundhogs just love my green beans the best. Has anyone had any success using these things on groundhogs?

Good One
by: Anonymous

How far can the deer smell this stuff?
Webmaster: Anyone have an answer? Deer can smell people 100 yards away (football field). Based on that, I would say "pretty far". I used to use Deer Off all the time and I couldn't smell it even up close, but the deer wouldn't even get near the beds.

North Idaho too
by: Anonymous

I consider deer to be giant rodents after last year's destruction. My success story - I discovered scarecrow sprinklers. They have motion sensors that set off the sprinkler for just three seconds but they shoot out about 30 feet. Last year I had two sprinklers. This year I have added one more (different brand - Havahart)- two on my garden one directed to my hosta. My earth song rose is blooming all over the place while last year I never got to see a bloom because the deer ate it just before it could open. My beans and peas haven't been chomped, etc. I'm told that the deer get used to the sprinklers but it's June 27th and so far so good. I have moved the sprinklers to new locations so the deer can't anticipate them. I have also surrounded my garden with lavender and herbs that the deer weren't interested in last year. Now I'm waiting to see if my hollyhocks get to bloom without being chomped. Good luck to you.

Moth Balls
by Sue (Michigan)

Scatter moth balls on the ground in flower beds. I have had good luck keeping rabbits and deer out with them. You will need to add more as the moth balls lose their scent.

Fed Up With Too Many Deer

5 gallons human urine* (I know it's gross!)
1 dry pint cayenne pepper powder
1 gallon Wilt-proof concentrate
6 raw eggs
8 tablespoons of chopped garlic

Mix with drill powered paint mixer. Let set and "steep" for several days. Apply with gloves and a plastic cup (Mixture won't go through a sprayer)
Stinks like the zoo on a hot day for one day. Then you won't be so noticeable.
Works very well.

* 5 gallon bucket with cover and pour spout with funnel placed in corner of the barn.

by Irene (Bardstown, Kentucky)

I had to give up growing pole beans on my garden fence due to the deer but since I started growing cucumbers on my fence I have had no more problems with deer (And the cucumbers are easy to harvest and leave more ground space for other plants).

Comments for CUCUMBERS!

Jul 11, 2021

Never happened before last night
by: Anonymous

My cucumbers are in pots on a rolling rack 5 feet from my house and they just destroyed everything that was climbing and half of the rest of the plant and a 5-inch cucumber the first of the season so far. I have never seen this before!

Jun 29, 2017

Persistent deer
by: Anonymous

Yes the deer will jump the fence and eat the cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans , summer squash, etc .

Oct 15, 2015

Deer don't like
by: Robert Philps

Deer don't like the smell of cucumbers and it is a natural animal repellant also.

May 13, 2015

Cucumber is Repellent
by: Anonymous

I learned snakes don't come closer to cucumber plantation. They don't like the smell. That is also the case for Deer. It is a natural animal repellant. The best thing is it is easy to grow and can be available any where.

Feb 26, 2015

Good Idea
by: channingck

Wow another natural deer repellent. It is awesome that I met with your article friend. Cucumber is a good one because it is simple and easy to grow. I trust you and I am going to try this in my garden.

May 23, 2010

They ate my cucumbers and my tomatoes.
by: Anonymous

they ate my cucumbers and my tomatoes.

Jan 24, 2010

And yet they ate my cukes!
by: Anonymous

And yet they ate my cukes. #*@!# They don't like lavender or spices (oregano, dill, sage, thyme, rosemary, basil, etc.)either. You might try the Scarecrow sprinkler.

Sparky in Philadelphia Suburbs
(Huntingdon Valley, PA)

1 doz eggs
1 gal water

Set the eggs in the sun or at room temp for 1-2 weeks to help them break down. They will not rot, even in a couple of weeks.
Break the eggs into a large bowl with a quart or two of water, use high speed blender to fully blend it all. Strain through a very fine sieve. Spray with a pump/tank sprayer. Eggs will break down on the plants. I do this every 6 weeks or so, but you could go longer if not much rain. Deer do not seem to touch anything sprayed. You do not need to totally wet the plants. I use a triple batch for my 3/4 acre residential property with many plants( hostas, day lillies, azaleas, laurels, impatiens, all kinds of euonymus, hydrangeas, yews, arbor vitae, etc. We have many deer and they will not touch my sprayed plants. This is a dirt cheap mix, does not smell bad (unless I leave the mix in the sprayer in the sun for a few days) but after it dries, it is not noticeable. Does not wash off easily once fully dried. I tried adding cayenne to the spray but then the neighbors dog ate my plants.
BTW, Milorganite also works for bedded plants and super easy to toss around. Not as cheap as eggs though.

New Way to Use Deer Repellant
by Ted Ford (Reedville, Virginia)

This is not a new recipe, but a different way to use any good repellent.
1) Obtain small plastic containers - yogurt or individual fruit cup size.
2) Obtain 18 gauge (1.2 mm)galvanized or copper wire. Burn hole in bottom of container by heating one end of wire over stove and using to burn hole.
3) Cut 6-8 inch section of wire and bend one end of wire around a cylinder of cloth or sponge, sized to fit within cup. Place free end wire up through hole, so cloth is w/in the container. Will look like a bell or umbrella
4)Hang this on shrubs, trees or in garden about 8- 12 feet apart and saturate cloth or sponge with any effective repellent. This way odor persists w/out being affected by rain. I usually saturate devices every 1 - 1 1/2 months. Working great for me so far. Deer won't even enter yard.
To improve cosmetics, spray paint container color of shrub it hangs on.
Any questions, contact me nytedford@yahoo.com

Use Recyclables
by: Chris

I use old water bottles (or soft drinks, especially the green ones)this way:
1. Cut top 1/3 of bottle;
2. Cut 2" X 2" squares from a mesh-like material (onion/lemon bags work well);
3. Place your favorite repellant mixture (I use Irish soap and moth balls) in the mesh squares and bring corners together to form a small bag;
4. Insert top of bag from the inside of the cut bottle, fold over the bottle's mouth and secure with the cap;
5. hang these "ornaments" on your plants using twist ties secured to the neck of the bottle. Make sure they hang 'downwards' so rain water does not collect in the bottles.

Vacuum Cleaner Repellant

Sprinkle/spread the contents of your vacuum cleaner bag around your garden. Smells like the inside of a house, and the critters hate it.

"Jimmy Off" because my husband hates it more than the expensive ones!
by Joy (Beach Lake, PA, US)

4 heads of garlic-peeled
6 Tablespoons organic cayenne pepper
6 quarts of water

Boil 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper and garlic in water until you can smell it; approximately 10 minutes.
Stir in remaining cayenne pepper, let cool and use in sturdy sprayer.
I spray on all except edible plants; for that I spray around the plants and apply the leftover garlic (crushed) to dirt and outside of pots.
Reapply every 2 days and after rain

Pam's Deer Repellent
by Pam Martens (Jackson, MN - USA)

I took a combination of several recipes and tried it - IT WORKED!. My doe never came back after the first sniff and bite. We live on Deer Run Dr. - Enough said.

3 raw eggs - shells and all
3 Tbs red hot sauce - I used Franks and Tabasco
3 Tbs cayenne pepper
3 Tbs minced garlic
1 Cup milk
2 Tbs liquid dish soap
Blend on high till pureed. Allow to sit out for 24-48 hours. This stuff stinks! Strain through cheesecloth to remove particles that will clog your sprayer. Pour into a 1 gallon sprayer and make up to 1 gallon with water. spray on plant foliage.
This stays on even after rain. Reapply 2-3 times per season. I put on my perennial garden and my vegetable garden and plants were not harmed.

by: Tom in Ohio

I used this repellent last year and it was great, but this year I'm adding a new ingredient. I am soaking some chewing tobacco in water. I'll add the tobacco-y water to the mix to REALLY leave a bad taste in their mouths...

Thanks everyone for sharing. Is soap safe to spray on tomatoes, peppers and other vegies? I leave in NJ and this year, the deer discovered my garden and come every night and destroy my garden. I want to try this recipe next year, but fear the soap may not be good for tomatoes and pepper. I feel so defeated and thinking about putting fences, but that is a big eyes sore!

Pam's Deer Repellant
by: Overrun

I made the mixture as the recipe describes, but when I try to spray it, it clogs the sprayer at the nozzle. I also strained it through a fine mesh nylon bag I use for brewing beer.
I even bought a rather expensive sprayer from the Hudson Company, which is high quality, all brass parts, that is their model that can handle up to 30% solids.
What do other people use that have success with this recipe? What am I doing wrong?

Deer Repellent
by: Robert R. Mobley

The repellent offered by Pam did actually worked for me to keep deer away from entering into my place. Although I love deers and animals, one can understand the frustration if they enter into the place and stomp everything.

Works Great
by: Anonymous

after using Repellex and deer stopper without success I tried Pam's. It worked much better. No more hostas, geranium buds and coleus lost overnight. However do not use eggshells, blend a LONG time on high speed and use warm water after 48 hours to mix it up. After those minor changes I had no problems spraying it on

Awesome stuff
by: Anonymous

My local herd hates it! One batch got me through last season, and I'm making a fresh batch today. Lesson learned from last year is to strain it through something better than just cheesecloth or it clogs up my sprayer.

Thank you so much!!!!
by: Beth Weber

Thank you for sharing this recipe that you know works, the deer came last night and demolished my flowers and veggies they ate my mums and coleus and roses, everything, even my pepper plants with the peppers, my son and I and our 2 dogs just went out and chased off 3 deer, but I know they will be back, and so I am going to use your recipe, thank you thank you, we have so much invested in our flowers and other plants, soon I will have baby trees, so I will use it on them also. Have a super great week. And again, THANK YOU. Beth

It really stinks
by Thomas (Happy Valley, OR)

There are no natural predators, and last fall we had as many as 12 deer in the orchard eating, fruit as well as the trees branches, and in the vegetable garden eating everything. Add in the flowers and rose bushes, and nothing was safe.

First, I have noticed deer in this area of Oregon do not like Shasta daisies. They grow easily with no maintenance, so I have them both growing in the orchard around the trees as well as in various places in the flower garden.

First, this is not to be placed directly on anything that is to be eaten, such as fruit or vegetables. My repellent, which has worked virtually without fail, is applied by gently pouring on a few leaves on the plants I want to protect. It doesn't take much, but generally will kill the leaves upon which it is placed.

3 gallons human urine
2 lbs ground habenero
3 doz whole uncooked eggs
1 lb ground chicken hearts
1 gallon very old canola cooking oil

Mix in a 5-gallon paint pail and let sit in the sun for a month or so. Wear a facemask while handling and place in one-gallon milk jugs (not completely full because it ferments). When applying do not face into the wind and wash hands very thoroughly every time you use any.

The oil tends to keep it on the plants regardless of weather. There are clear signs the deer continue to monitor the plants on a daily basis, but even though only a leaf or two on various branches has any applied there has been no nibbling at all.

When there is about a foot of new growth I add a little to another leaf or two. Disgusting but effective.

Bounce strips
by Marsha Wahl
(Blaine Wa, Usa)

Cut 1 inch strips "Bounce " fabric strips. Tie one or two strips to the tree or shrubs. Tuck into the folage when possible. This will work as long as there is the chemicals on the strips. I gusess about two to three months.

Mo. Ridgerunner
by Sharon (Boerne, Tx.)

Take a bar of soap, can be put in bag with lots of holes or tie up with string and hang where needed. I cut full bars into smaller pieces, can also use soap from motels. Redo when needed. I got this idea from an elderly neighbor that had been using this for years to keep the deer away 40 years ago. I tied soap to chain link fence and the deer stayed out. Put about 8 feet apart.


I've been planting citrosa plants to repel mosquitos, in my Towson, MD garden, but when my plants grew very full and almost 2' tall, I trimmed them. The strong fragrance made me consider chopping the leaves up like a salad. I sprinkled them around my yard on anything I didn't want deer & rabbits to eat, like hostas and our dwarf peach tree. It worked!

Repellent Success
by Lupo Sling
(Spotsylvania VA, US of A)

Repellent Success
A cousin from the farm dictated the following success story.
Yea, it’s homemade alright.
First came a description of eight ingredients such as eggs, salt, fish oil, low fat margarine, cayenne powder, chili pepper flaks, Murphy’s oil soap, white vinegar, six lemon plus half a lime, pomegranate extract, tincture of acai berry, nail polish remover, horse hair from an old chair, Vidalia onion peel, and so on; then follows directions on the elaborate cutting, measuring and mixing complicated ingredients in ever larger containers and stirring into blenders on varying settings (chopped, chipped, granulated, fluidized, liquefied and maybe gaseous) in several careful steps.

Then he explained what happened next. “So that very evening, after I spread the 3R mix (that’s for radical rabbit repellent) on all my favorite flowers and shrubs, I’m standing in the shadows, watching that rabbit and waiting for him to come over and get a taste of my treatment – he just sits up on his hind legs, looks over at me and then hops away … just like that.

“Never saw him again … although the fancy neighbors next door with all the expensive flower beds and decorator gardens are having a hell of a time with their rabbit.

“I told them about my 100% success and even offered them my recipe – and a little of the stuff I had left over (which had ripened into an odd smelling brew, I’ll admit) but they said that including raw eggs will spawn salmonella that could kill their two-year old. They do have a healthy two-year old, - wouldn't want anything to happen to her. She's a Swiss Rottweiler.” mc

Wisc. Northwoods Dogfriendly Solution

Here in Wisconsin we have lots of HUGE hungry deer. Milorganite fertilizer sprinkled around plants is a very effective deterrent; however, our puppy LOVES it and will dig up the garden to eat it. Not good. The alternative is to take small containers with a snap-on lid (like a 35mm film canisters)and use electrical/duct tape to attach them to bamboo stakes. Drill or melt some 1/4" holes in the sides of the containers. Buy some coyote urine at your local sporting goods store. Drop a cotton ball in each container, pour in a little urine, and replace the cap. Refresh every couple of weeks.

Russ the Deer Slayer
by Russ Falk (portage wi usa)

i put this around my fruit and evergreen trees i planted in my woods. take several milk cartons(1/2 gallon and gallon size) and pee in them. fill each one about halfway with you're pee. put in a bunch of black pepper and garlic powder. add two eggs to each carton. add a little white vinegar and a few squirts of dawn dish soap. set in sun to ripen. add 1 bottle of habanero hot sauce. You can also use this as a spray bottle, but remember when you pee in you're containers add as much or more water as pee. it won't kill you're plants, and neither will deer. the smell and taste of the hot sauce works well. use as many as possible and place the containers near trees. remember the more smell the better. check once a month. refill/add more as needed. works great, a little gross though. better to be a little gross and have you're trees , than not be gross and have no trees.

Habanero/Peppermint Surprise
by Rick (Cumming, Georgia)

10 Habaneros, Ripe Orange
25 Cayenne, Ripe Red
2 cups Vinegar
1 cup Whole Egg Yolks
1 cup 2% Milk
1/2 cup Canola Oil
1 cup Loose Peppermint Leaves or 1/2 cup Peppermint Oil.

Add ingredients and grind to pulp.
Strain mixture after 24 hours.
Add to a gallon of water.
Spray Concentrated Mixture After Watering at a rate of 1 quart to one gallon of water. Use full strength for attack mode.
It is a combination of suggestions and ingredients used by pros and amateurs.
I live near major deer runs on farms and deeply wooded areas they love. They will eat most any time around here.

Fire Hot

gallon of water.
5 ghost peppers.
cut up peppers and put them in the water and set in sun, like making sun tea with very hot peppers.
when water looks a little red it ready to use as a spray.
Warning from ghost peppers are very hot and you don't want get it on your self. Will stop Deer and Raccoons.

Shack, Rattle and Go
by Cliff (Blue Ridge Mts Virginia)

This is a solution I learned from my Grandma a very successful gardener, To Keep birds deer and other varmints out of my lawn and plants, hang things like shiney aluminum pie pans, old CD discs, noise makers like wind chimes, In the Napa Valley I saw christmas tree tinsil hanging on the grape vine in the vinyards. These items flash and flicker in the sun and lights and startle animals, so they avoid the area, They dont cost much, just a little imagination and time.

Trying Shake, Rattle and Go
by: Anonymous

I can't wait to try this. Recently, we have been blessed with a doe and her fawn who we have watched grow into a yearling. The yard is fenced but, with a low spot in the back the deer have found a way to my rose bushes and garden area.

In the fall and winter months we honestly don’t mind sharing as the deer leave the roses alone after the leaves have fallen off in the fall. I am hoping that I can keep them away from the vegetable garden which is adjacent to the rose garden along with some beautiful red climbing roses along the fence in the front.

VHS tape
by JDM (Brodnax, VA)

I live 1 mile off the road in the middle of the woods and have many deer roaming through. For the last two years I have found VHS tape effective in keeping deer from eating my azaleas. I string the tape from tree to tree where my azaleas are underplanted. I put this up in late Fall and take it down in late Winter/early Spring. The tape flashes and shimmers with the slightest breeze and apparently catches enough light at night to keep the deer at a distance. Before doing this the deer would eat all the flowering tips of the azaleas through out the winter thus no flowers in the Spring. I have also used egg and water mixtures which are effective but have to be reapplied frequently.

Deer and Rabbit Repellant
by Paul (CT)

I like to use this as a spray around my garden, not on the plants. I don't use a sprayer, but a plastic seltzer bottle with a small hole drilled in the cap to squeeze a stream out.
mix - in half gallon bottle
1 egg
any hot pepper powder or liquid
garlic and onion powder
cooking oil
cup of milk or buttermilk best
few drops of liquid dish detergent

shake well- put out in the sun. Next day, pour into qt plastic bottle with hole in top. Squeeze liquid around perimeter of garden once a week, or after rain.

ALSO - cut deodorant soap into chunks - put a chunk in an old sock, staple top and string hang it to your garden fence.  Works all year! Rain makes it smell better! Deer esp don't like the smell.

Master Gardner of Missouri, in Oregon
by Todd Nelson (Bend Oregon)

2 raw eggs beaten well
1 cup milk
5to6 table spoons of hot pepper powder
1/4 cup dish soap

blend all together with water makes about 1 gallon, let it sit in the sun for 24 to 48 hours, use a household sprayer. Spray generously on plants every other week.

Goldie Dietz Deer and Rabbit Repellent
by Linda Dietz (Pine, Colorado)

1 2 1/2 pound bag of blood meal

1 2 1/2 pound bag of bone meal

1 large container of Garlic Powder

1 medium container of hot chili peppers

1 small container of ground cloves

Mix well and distribute around the outer perimeter of the plants you want the deer and rabbits to leave alone. This will last through most rains--for about 2-3 months--reapply as needed. If the rain is hard and lasts long--reapply. I have retrained the deer to go another way through our yard--another thing I did was to plant some of their favorite browse in another area so they will retrain. Transplant native plants to do this. What different deer browse on the different parts of the Country--I use this recipe successfully in Colorado and Georgia.  Linda Dietz

by Carol (Northeastern OK)

We used this last year and it worked all season long. Our neighbor who owns a beauty shop saved the hair she swept up off the floor, and we stuffed a couple of handfuls into each of several knee-high hose. These were tied, then hung around the garden at deer-nose level. We stopped even seeing tracks anywhere around the garden! Evidently the deer do not like the human smell, which stays in the hair for a long time. We have a lot of deer and see tracks all over the property, but not near the garden as long as the hair-hose are up!

Denver Mike
by Denver Mike (Larkspur, Colorado)

6 eggs
2 Tablespoons cheapest but Hottest hot sauce
2 Tablespoons garlic powder
2 Tablespoons Lemon liquid dis soap
Blend or whip to liquid
Add 1 gallon of hot water
Place in a 1 gallon jug and shake well
Find 20 ounce plastic vitamin jar and poke nail-size holes in it's cover to use as a "shaker" on plants and bushes

by Andrea Olsen (Crivitz, WI)

Mix 1 part Murphy's Oil Soap with 10 parts water. Spritz directly on plants, especially after rain. Works incredibly well and is 98% natural ingredients.

Deer Repellent

by Joe D. (Glen Mills, Pa.)

Please note that I elected to use the above recipe that good for voles also but wanted to add some additions to content and application. The recipe above calls for---3 Lg eggs W/shells. 1 Lg Clove of Garlic, 2 cups of fresh green onion tops, two cups of water. Blend and liquify for 2 minutes. Separately, put 2 quarts of warm water into a pail. Since had difficulty in melting soap, I simply take a bar of dial and soap up my hands real good in the warm water. When have enough suds, I then add the blender mixture to the soapy water and then add the 2 tablespoons of chili or cayenne pepper and stir well. Don't know if a tip someone gave me about keeping rabbits away via human urine works, but I thought it can't hurt the deer repellent, so my recipe does add same for extra "flavor". Since using the recipe over the last 5 months, I have had no problems with deer foraging on my plants. In fact neighbors were commenting they haven't seen deer around in the numbers they used to see.
Since had trouble with sprayers clogging, I now put the mixture into a plastic gallon jug and drill about a dozen very tiny holes in the jug cap. When not using the mixture, put a solid cap on the jug and simply tape the perforated one onto the jug. Before using, shake the jug well, put on the perforated cap and simply swing the jug out over the plants you want to protect. I have not had to drench the plants, just a quick shot of the liquid on the plant seems to do the job and hasn't harmed any of the plants.
I have had mixed effect on the moles/voles, but I think part of the problem is that I haven't put enough down on the ground so it will soak into the soil in a sufficient amount.
Hope this works for you as it did for me.

Valerie's Deer Be Gone Recipe
by Your Pal Val (Toms River, New Jersey)

Irish spring soap, diluted in hot water
hot sauce
a few moth balls
cayenne pepper
Two ounces of my own early morning urine.
I do not spray anything I plan to eat. I spray around them.
I do not just spray the plants. I spray the entire area I do not want them to come in.
I just watched five deer sniff, look at my flowers longingly and walk around the scented area.
If the urine sounds gross, there is fox urine in the store bought stuff. This is cheap and it works.
I have a herd of 20 every day.

Do NOT use hot sauce or hot peppers!
by Kati (PA)

If you use hot sauce, hot peppers, or sprinkle dried pepper flakes any animals, including pet dogs and cats, can get it on their paws and then in their eyes. Then their first reaction is, of course, to use their pepper covered paws to get the burning material out of their eyes. They will do anything to stop their eyes from burning. There have been cases where pets have clawed their eyes out. DON'T USE these ingredients. Substitute or choose a different recipe.


Collect a lot of eggshells and crush them until they are powdery. coat with Tabasco sauce, let dry, then layer about half an inch worth around the base of the plants. Spray plants with a Tabasco mist to finish. Works best for potted plants and small areas.

Super stink deer & rabbit Repellant
by Kirk (Columbia TN)

2 raw eggs
1 cup skim milk
1/4 cup Murphy's soap
2 tb minced garlic
4 tb cayenne pepper
About 2-3 cups urine ( I don't want to measure it- lol)

Put all the above in a qt milk jug, fill rest of the way with water, tighten top well and shake vigorously. Let sit in the sun for 2-3 days, shake once or twice a day.
Pour on the ground around your plants. Reapply after rain.

Zoo Poo
by Valerie A. Ferrante (Toms River , Ocean County, New Jersey)

I had submitted a very good recipe last year but this year our herd is 20 instead of 10 in my yard every night. I went to my local zoo, THE POPCORN ZOO in Lacy Township and got three bags of poo, Lion, Tiger and Cougar. I spread a tiny amount zoo poo on the bark of the trees where I do not want the deer to enter. I also place one single moth ball about every 12 feet or so around the same area. Nightly I watch at least twenty deer RUN past my part of the brook in my yard, leaving my tulips in full bloom alone. I have to reapply after rain, I wear gloves and yes, this is gross but I am the only one with real flowers in my yard.


-2 Eggs (beaten)
-Splash of Milk
-1-2 Cups Water
-Half Bottle of generic Hot Sauce
-3 Tbsp Garlic Powder
-3 Tbsp Cayenne Pepper
-3 Tbsp Chili Powder
-3 Tbsp Coarse Black Pepper
In a mason jar, add 2 eggs (beaten., is is great for rotten smell and also helps stick the whole mixture onto the plants), splash of whole milk (or any kind of milk, whole milk tends to smell worse rotten), half a bottle of hot sauce (I use the cheap stuff from any dollar store..no sense in wasting your good Frank's), 3 tablespoons garlic powder, 3 tablespoons cayenne pepper, 3 tablespoons chili powder, 3 tablespoons coarse black pepper. Use water to increase volume/fill up the mason jar. You want the mixture to be thick and soupy not paste-like. Let this concoction sit out in the hot sun covered with the lid but don't screw the lid down all the way at first, you want the milk and eggs to rot. This mixture probably wont work well with a spray bottle as its pretty thick and will clog a spray bottle most likely, I've never tried it. What I do is use a paint brush and smear it all over the plants I'm trying to protect and i also drizzle some over the tops of plants...More the Better! By the way this recipe also works great for repelling any of the following by putting on their favorite foods--> Annoying Mother-in-laws, relatives, siblings, kids, pets, roommates. One bite and they'll never touch your food again. Guaranteed!

YOUZA! Deer Repellent
by Lynne (Saxapahaw, NC)

Egg Beaters (plain) 1 16oz carton
Garlic (skin removed) 2 heads (not cloves!)
Hot Sauce (2 brands) 1 bottle each for total of two bottles
Dish Liquid. 1 squirt

Liquefy eggs/garlic/hot sauce in blender.
Put in sprayer and add water to make 1.5 gal.
Add squirt of dish liquid.
Remove tip from sprayer to keep nozzle from clogging. You should have a steady small stream of solution coming out of wand. Drizzle over all your plants.
Instead of your yard smelling like stinky eggs this concoction smells more like someone is cooking out next door with all the garlic. 🙂 Reapply monthly and after heavy periods of rain.

Old Radio
by paul (ohio)

I use an OLD transistor radio tuned to an AM 24 hour talk radio show and place it in the middle of my garden. The PESKY critters hear the human voices and think there are real people in there and they stay away.

Smelly and Sticky
by Darrell (Seabeck, WA. )

1/2 cup ground cinnamon stirred in with 1qt. hot water let set for 2 days.
1/2 cup garlic powder
1/2 cup onion powder
1/2 cup ground cayenne pepper
6 eggs
3oz tabasco sauce
1qt tepid water (don't want to cook and harden eggs)
mix and set 2 days.
Word of advice I mixed this in the house the first time the Mrs. didn't appreciate it at all now I mix and store it out behind the garage.
2qts corn syrup heated in the bottles in about 2 gallons of hot water, it pours out of the bottles easier this way and I mix the left over warm water to the fill line of the sprayer in with all the above Ingredients in the sprayer when I'm ready to apply.
Makes 3 gallons just right for my pump sprayer I wrapped a small section of window screen secured with a zip tie at the bottom of the tank spray tube to keep any sediment from plugging the wand of the sprayer, this solution seems to be working for bucks that rub their antlers over trees and shrubs also.

Laura S.
by Laura S. (Appleton, Washington, USA)

I have zombie deer. They eat EVERYTHING, including rhododendron - to the root!
Recipe: About 2 TB per gallon of each ingredient in general. What you don't have from the list below just omit, whatever you do enhances the brew.
Throw all this in a blender - works even through a few rains and its fun to make too...

Mustard (the hotter the better)
Cheap cooking oil
Dish soap (smelly is best)
Garlic (lots)
Onion (some)
2 eggs (per gallon) shells and all...
Hot sauce (anything will do)
Finely ground black pepper
1/4 cup White vinegar
Comet Cleansing powder (it will foam a bit because of the vinegar, its ok)
3/4 cup yogurt
1/2 Can of sardines
enough water to make the consistency of a thin shake.

Whir away. Make a So-Long-Deer smoothie! No need to let simmer in sun, or ferment, or spray, just splash about on plants and pots and soil beneath. Don't smoother the plants though, and test delicate plants with just a bit first! Use more on pots and soil, that's good enough. Unfortunately YOU will smell it for about 3-5 days then it fades to humans but still repels critters. Apply a bit more after heavy rain or hot dry conditions might have diminished active ingredients. Don't apply in full sun, or extreme conditions. Apply morning or eve. in less than 70 degrees is best. This recipe doesn't require wrangling a cougar and training it to piss-in-a-pot, in case you were disappointed... :} Oh, and wash your blender very well right after brew is done!

Pam's Deer Repellent
by Kari (Coupeville, Washington)

Pam's deer repellent works as well as the stuff sold at stores. I live in a MAJOR deer infested area. I apply this repellent on my fruit trees and roses in the cooler times of late afternoon once a month. I get a warning it's getting neer the time to spray because one or two leaves have been bitten off.
There is an added bonus to this deer repellent; it's a bug deterrent as well! I am in heaven!

Buh Bye Deer and Rabbits
by Victoria (Winston Salem, NC)

2 gallons of water
6 eggs ,beaten
2 tablespoons ground garlic
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper (optional) Use caution as this can choke a deer to death.
2 tablespoons cooking oil
2 tablespoons Dawn dish washing detergent

Mix all together and sit in sun for 24/48 hours. Spray plants every week or two, depending on how much rain is in the area.

Deer Repellent
by Robert Merson (Powell River, British Colombia, Canada)

450 to 500 grams of Blood Meal
50 milliliters of Vegetable Oil
4 Liters of Water

- put 4 liters of Water into a 5 gallon pail, add Blood Meal.
- Mix thoroughly using a paint mixer on a drill.
- Once Blood Meal has fully dissolved into the water, add Vegetable Oil and continue mixing.
- once the Vegetable Oil has been thoroughly mixed, pour solution through a paint strainer into your Sprayer.
- Use entire amount of solution, if it is left in the sprayer the solution will go rancid. Make sure you flush the sprayer once you are done.

Before applying the Deer Repellent, it's always a good idea to soap spray the vegetation that it will applied to. This allows a better residue effect, as dust from lawn mowers, wind, and equipment gather onto the leaves. If you don't soap spray first, the repellent will adhere to the dust and wash off with the first rain.

Soap Spray:
30 Milliliters of Lemon Dish soap
4 Liters of Water
( 30 Milliliters of Vegetable Oil if using as insect repellent/killer )
- use in pump sprayer.

250 Milliliters Lemon Dish Soap
20 Liters of Water
( 70 Milliliters of Vegetable Oil if using as insect repellent/ Killer )

If applying soap spray using a down stream injector at a 16X Dilution ratio.
Allow foliage to fully dry after washing with soap spray. Then apply Deer Repellent.

Frustrated Homeowner Ohio
by Bruce Farrar (Cleveland.oh.)

2 eggs

2T.garlic powder  ground to fine powder(SO AS NOT TO CLOG SPRAYER)

1/4 cup red pepper sauce,

1 T cooking oil

 1Tdish detergent

Mix well in blender & add water to make 1 gal total. works for me & costs pennies to make. we are plagued with deer here & this has been a blessing since i use a gallon a week .aging in sun helps & hardly smells bad.

Deer in Oregon (Tested Mostly in Central Oregon)

I created my own mixture and found it most affective:
Dial Liquid Soap
Cayenne Pepper
Garlic Powder
Onion Salt
The more of those you add the stronger of course it will be.
Especially with those spices.

Mix in a Hot water.
If you use water mix solution method please stir the solution completely.
When completely stirred...
Spread (pouring) Around all garden areas at least twice.
You can also shake all 3 of the spices around in the garden as well and around all plants. Areas should be dry ahead of time and let them dry after. The Longer they are dry the more affective it will be. If you have Rocks in your garden, pour mixture over your rocks or shake the spices over the rocks and let completely dry. Doing both is more effective. You can also set spices, peppers, etc that will burn the scents into the rocks. You can use the pour mixture method or the spice granules together or even separately. Using both methods is most effective and letting completely dry the longer the better. Repeat as only needed. You can follow up by repeating the process and increasing the amounts you use so it's most effective for detouring of deer.
Plants suggestions:
Mint & strong scented plants & lemons thyme are just a few of things you can plant in the area. You can also use peppers to set out in the areas and let dry, hanging things in the gardens with strong scents or hang from fixtures, limbs can all be effective

Try this

 1 Part Murphys Oil -10 parts water

spray directly on hosta or what ever else you need to keep deer out. I love the smell of Murphy's Oil. As a horticulturist, I can see some other benefits of this. We use horticultural oil in sprays to smoother scale and mite eggs on trees and shrubs. We use cedar oil in mixes to keep mosquitoes and ticks away. As long as this isn't mixed to thick, it should work for insects and I am glad to hear it works for deer.

Ungulate Behavior
by Daisey (Bend, Oregon)

I have a theory - animals do not eat where they have defacated (pooped)......most critters do "their business" away from where they eat.

So by collecting deer and elk nuggets, (the meadow next to our property has ample material) in a 5 gallon bucket, I can create a "manure tea" or apply the nuggets dry to my landscape plantings. Smell of course is the deterrent.

This is natural fertilizer.....really has no odor to humans and my Golden Retriever does not consume the egg shaped manure. (Our old dog found them delicious). This was a method I used in Alaska with MOOSE. Healthy seedlings after applying the manure tea and the extra nuggets just added organic material over the growing season. Yes it is humiliating collecting the material but it is free after all.....(use gloves or a small shovel)

Repellent Question
by Gary (Houston, TX)

I am curious to know if using these home made repellents could burn or damage the plant or leaves.
I used 3 eggs, quart or so of 2% milk, cayenne pepper, water, dish soap, onion, and jalapeno pepper seeds. Mixed in gallon milk jug and letting sit for a couple days before spraying on the tree leaves and trunk. I just don't want to damage or kill my pear, grapefruit, orange, lime, lemon and avocado trees.

I am a Horticulturist. Most of these recipes shouldn't hurt your plants. The main thing to watch for would be the pepper juice. You shouldn’t apply the recipes in the heat of the day. Put them on early in the morning or in the evening to reduce the chance of burning. The urine, eggs, dish soap, eggs, pepper or onion shouldn't hurt the plants. If you were using liquid ghost pepper juice or something like that I would worry about burn.

Not Kidding
by Ray Kopy (Ontario)

Deer eating your cedar tree fence, cedar ornamental trees? including all those spring early tulips and other deer favorites??? You can pay $30.and up for a liter of deer repellent or spend it on a case of beer and collect your pee in a jug for the best deer repellent on the market and you bottle it yourself. I had deer just chewing my beautiful cedar hedges and they looked like hell. Being a hunter i knew that animals especially deer, moose have a exceptional sense of smell. I collected enough of my urine and put it into a sprayer and began spraying my cedars and tulips in early spring every 3 to 4 days when these deer began to frequent our property. Was surprised how much one pees in 3 or 4 days. Sure and behold, the deer sign (foot prints) were all around my early tulips and not one was chewed to the ground as the deer use to do and deer tracks around the cedar hedge and not even a tree touched. Our human urine is the secret. Urine does not burn the cedars or tulips. Told a friend about this new discovery when he told me about his ground voles in his lawn. I told him that when he sits on his deck having a few beers to go and pee in the voles hole. He called me back a month later and after a few dozen cases of beer he told me that the voles, that made a mess of his lawn and made him angry so much earlier that peeing in their holes every other day or 2 seemed a convenience for him and they had left the property completely as well. Try it and save your plants and your money for a case beer instead.....you'll thank me for this natural, chemical free tidbit of free info. Urine is mostly nitrogen and a very good fertilizer as well. Now beat that, EH?

Crusty-Dealing With Deer

The deer in my yard eat everything, planted 50 evergreens, consumed in 3 days. my recipe seems to be working well. 1 egg...2 tbs roasted garlic hot sauce, 1/2 cup milk, 5 drops dish soap, water. makes 2 qts. use the hottest hot sauce you can find. i have blooming flowers for the first time in 30 years that haven't been fenced in or caged.

Begone deer mix
by Mary P (Pittsburgh, PA)

1large head of garlic. Remove outside covering and separate the cloves. Place them in a food processor and mince them finely. Remove minced garlic to small plastic container and add about 1/3c water. Spoon mixture around or between plants. Works like a charm. This "recipe" was for a small area---8 New Guinea Impatiens. It's surely working for me!

Retired Guy

by Mel (MO.)

Group 1
1 tsp clove oil
1 tsp cinnamon oil
1 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp salt

Group 2
1 tsp Murphey’s oil
1 tsp liquid dish soap
1 tsp baking soda

Combine group 1 with 4 cups of water and put in a large pot (at least 1 gal size) and bring to a boil while stirring.

Add 3 more cups of water to pot, then add group 2 and bring to a boil while stirring.

Let contents cool to warm water. Combine pot contents in a 2 gal sprayer and top off with 32 oz warm water.

Spray on plants weekly and after a heavy rain.

Clean spray nozzle frequently.

Garlic Fence
Take about a dozen heads of garlic and boil them in a pot of water.  Soak wooden clothes pins in the garlic water and hang them on a twine fence you put up around your garden.  Take them down once a week and repeat.

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