southern magnolia leaves and bud

25 Most Common Trees in the United States

No matter what kind of green industry business you have or want to start, you need to know basic Horticulture information like tree identification.  People will stop you and ask you questions and it is impressive to know the answers. Here is a list of 25 common trees and shrubs that are native or commonly found in the southern United States.  You can go to a local nursery and start learning them by site. 

  1. Southern Magnolia
  2. Bald Cypress
  3. Live Oak
  4. Loblolly Pine
  5. Longleaf Pine
  6. Sweetgum
  7. Pecan
  8. Willow Oak
  9. Dogwood
  10. Red Maple
  11. American Holly
  12. Persimmon
  13. Redbud
  14. Black Gum
  15. Crape Myrtle
  16. Carolina Silverbell
  17. Tulip Poplar
  18. American Beautyberry
  19. Redbay
  20. Sweetbay Magnolia
  21. Yaupon Holly
  22. Eastern Red Cedar
  23. American Wisteria
  24. American Fringe Tree
  25. Sawtooth Oak

It's important to note that this list is not exhaustive and there are many other species that can be found in the southern US, these are just some examples. Additionally, this list might change depending on the exact location or region within the southern US, as different regions have different ecosystems, climate conditions, and vegetation. Also keep in mind that some of these species might be invasive and harmful to local ecosystems, so it's important to be informed about native and non-native plants and their potential impact. This list of 25 is a good starting point to establish yourself as a professional.

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